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I think 75 % with me will be spent on sex
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oral or otherwise

I'm thinking the conversation and foreplay might take up much more of the time with the older gentleman than someone in his 30's or 40's. So if you took a 90 minute or 2 hour date how much actual time would be spent actually having physical sex. Oral or otherwise

Kisses Haley

I've had only a few dates, all 90 minutes.  In general, I would say that about 70 minutes is spent physically engaged with about 10 on each end spent chatting, although my last, an amazing very oily FBSM, was more like 85!

which I consider to be pretty sexy.

So, if you count that, I'd say about 75%.

Let's see... Roughly 45 minutes out of a 1 hour date, 45 minutes out of a 90 minute date, 45 minutes out of a 2 hour date, 45 minutes out of a 3 hour date..... I see a pattern here... I do 3 and 4 hour dates .. Dinner.. Outcall.. Because I like the company and the fantasy of a "real" date with a guaranteed ending, fully cognizant of the fact that I am overspending because I have to pay for the ladies "lost opportunity" while she is enjoying a gourmet meal at my expense...

It is what it is...

My preference is 90 minutes to 2 hours. But I also like to take the lady out for a late lunch. The real date fantasy . I have been fortunate as my ATF, when she knows up fron  that this is happening, has been most accomadating. There is also a newprovider here that prefers to meet initially in public fo rsafety reasons as well as a getting to know one another time.

One of the best"dates" that I have had was with my ATF  who introduced me to the light rail train here in Phx. We met at one of the outlying stations, road the train downttown, had a great lunch, rode the train back picked up the car, and wentto her incal lfor,to me, oneof the best sessions I have ever had. Now I am big advocate and rider of the light rail. So, if you see me on the rail with this funny smile on my face, you can easily guess what I am thinking of!! Ahh....the memories.

Most of my appointments are 1 hour or 90 minute.
I'd say that about a third of that time is sex.  In a two hour appointment the time for conversation and foreplay would be longer. (I'd likely ask the lady to shower with me in a two hour date. Would you consider  play time in the shower part of the sex? Maybe call it pre-sex sex.) The sex time would be about the same as the shorter appointments.

it varies..it totally depends on the providers comfort level..i have sessions where we chat for twenty minutes over a glass of wine before sex..others have my pants down as soon as i walk in the door..i adjust to her comfort level..i am older so i think that makes a big difference..i dont set my own pace..a good provider will set it for you..as one provider has stated..the journey is more important than how fast you get to that final destination..

... every "date" for me follows a general pattern. Flirty, get in the mood time with a cocktail, or glass of wine - open a few gifts I'll have for her, munch on an appetizer or dessert I order up from room service - chat about our lives, etc .............. This is for both someone new or for those I repeat with.

When the mood is right we both sense it and we head for the bedroom and go have some fun. After a most satisfying romp for both of us, we'll take some time to relax and just enjoy each others company some more until we both feel it's time to get going.

I like 2 hour dates the most and most of the time for me it's as an earlier poster mentioned - 45 minutes or so engaged in hot and sweaty action sandwiched in between the flirt it up mood setup, and then the relaxed conversation and wind down comfort time.......... so for me I'd say it's typically about 30 some percent of "Let's make a squeal" time!

The reviews I read that say "she instantly dropped to her knees upon my entrance to her incall" - make me wonder "really - who really does that" ........ but to each their own I guess! That would be a - 59 out of 60 minutes - Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am - kind of guy and I would think you would be plumb worn out and not enjoy it quite so much! ......... I prefer to enjoy the total experience and that includes time engaged in sharing a comfortable, friendly conversation!


going to be some sore jaw muscles the next day :)

Posted By: LoboGris


going to be some sore jaw muscles the next day :)

Dear Haley:
I am wondering when you asked this question did you have other questions that would speak to the compatibility of the partner in question? Also I am wondering if you are wondering indirectly if providers are trying to connect with the client on various different levels other than sex. Henceforth, I see why you would be asking the question with respect to the fraction of time that they would spend on sex than other parts of the date.  With respect to your on practice with respect to regulars or newbies with yourself how much of the time that they would have allotted for themselves would you spend on sex? Also do you take sometime for yourself to get to know certain clients that you might have questions of before you take part in your coital activities?

sometimes I would say as low as 50 percent.   Sometimes 98 percent.  I can keep up I find but the ladies style dictates a lot.  You know, you get to talking lol

...personally I guess % um take away conversation/break time and kissing then I think lol 70 to 80% is spent on sex .... same percentage of the guys I see are AT LEAST early 40's.

I do not think about averaging dates or average dates.  I find each experiences even with long time favorites are individual in how they proceed.

I have had dates that were meant to be dinner dates that never left the bedroom/bed and were an evening of joy.

I had had dates that began with some conversation that had the physical aspects bottled up in the last quarter of the time.

It depends upon the interaction, moods, and possibly hormones as to how the individual session was divided.

The hobby is like a box of chocolates.

Its hard to pin down an exact percentage due to all the different circumstances. I really enjoy cunnilingus so much that I have spent 30 to 40 minutes out of an hour appointment just enjoying the ladies body. Plus as has already been stated. A lot of things are similar in my sessions but also each has different aspects depending on who what where and when. In other words I usualy just try to enjoy and if I don't feel that she is enjoying herself equally then the actual sex would be very minimal. i lose interest quickly if the lady is not into it.

I usually start with wine and conversation but I am not a clock watcher.   So as long as it takes for us both to be satisfied.   And I mean both.

Sometimes a provider wishes to "get to know you" before playing....and I completely understand that.  On the other hand, it works for me as well.  I find intimacy to be much more enjoyable if some sort of chemistry or connection is established beforehand.  I'd say 10 min on a 90 min or more date would be normal..... assuming the lady isn't extremely strict about the time.  A clock watcher usually only wants to spend time talking just to avoid being intimate....not always of course but usually.  If its a 1 hour date then multi-tasking is necessary..... talk while doing....or not.

On first time meetings, I invest a lot of time in trying to get to know the lady & letting her get to know me.  I think it makes both of us more comfortable with what ensues.  I nearly always do 1 1/2 or 2 hour appts because I hate to feel rushed.  So on first timers, it's probably 30-50% of the time on actual physical sex.  On repeat 'dates' it can get to direct sex a lot quicker & the session might be more 65% sex, 35% social intercourse.  But with any given lady it can vary a lot; I've had 2 hour dates with a lady I got really verbally engaged with and probably 20-25 minutes were actual sex; I've been with ladies I've seen several times where we manage to spend 75 % or so on physical sex.  The important point is that the physical sex is far from the only satisfaction I get from these appts; good conversation & lots of laughs are a big part as well, moreso when we've established some respect & admiration for each other in the past.  

the percentage drops to more like 20-25% of the time. My gun only has so many bullets.

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