Re: sure, why won't you link us the review.
springerone 19 Reviews 5465 reads

Itt was pulled.  He was a man of his word.

I just read a review that I know was patently false.  The whole premise was so wrong that it made no sense.   Not consistent with any of her prior reviews and I have seen this lady myself.  If there is a way to ban such idiots, I would be willing to put his review out there.  Is there a way?

From there, we can spot the obvious. You can always file a problem report, not sure if that will do anything. But, its always a chance. There are plenty of BS reviews here and there. Not sure what to tell you. However, I am curious myself to see the review. So, if possible, link the review. Thanks!

The person who wrote the review admitted it was a mistake and he is going to ask them to pull it.  If it is not pulled, then I will let you know.

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