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Brought this is up to TER admin and there reply is that they think the review isn't  that bad and its going to remain up. This is insanity, this review is beyond bad. Tarnishing my name!! I WILL NOT entertain seeing this client, im known to use discretion at all costs!!!

Im fairly new to TER  Layla 174136, i'm baffled that people who ive never seen, case in point G603.  This client harrasses providers who charge a higher rate. I know its him because he pranks call from his work to bargain.  Im horrified because its a nasty review. Im very selective to whom comes to my Columbia incall. Help!!!

Hi Layla, I can give you advice if you PM me. If you read this board, to which I am sure you do, you can PM me. I can't give details out here on the boards, but, feel free to PM me if you are Layla.

Thank you McDonald000 for the advice, i'm just disgusted that apparently anybody could write blantant lies about a provider that they've never seen.  Many thanks!!!

What's up with your review process!. I have seen Layla, and this review in question SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN POSTED! It doesn't meet the establish review criteria!

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Brought this is up to TER admin and there reply is that they think the review isn't  that bad and its going to remain up. This is insanity, this review is beyond bad. Tarnishing my name!! I WILL NOT entertain seeing this client, im known to use discretion at all costs!!!

Every review has a physical description as if he was giving a description to the police. Then some reviews are very geographicaly specific, I can pick out some of the locations just by the description of the hotel. Then one review he mentioned the floor number.

Not only are they very much the same, what is really interesting is when he is quoting the weight of the lady - it just does not match the lady's profile.  Just looking at the last 10 reviews, no one seems to be under 150lb, but if you look at the ad pictures, it's hard to imagine that weight on many of them.  Well, whoever said that advertising has to be accurate, but I do like to see reviews which compare the provider to their posted pictures.

yes u are sooo right, all descriptions are very similar. TER could go back and look at this dudes descriptions of the ladies he has supposedly seen/reviewed and cross reference those with other reviewers description of the same providers. Bet they don't match well. This is supposed to be some kind of a community with a common purpose, honest and good service. We should "out" the fraudulent providers but we should also stand behind and protect the good ones. This lady looks like she has worked very hard to build a solid as hell reputation. Truly hope TER takes the time to thoroughly look into her complaint. Her record tells me she is well worth it.

Edc53063 claims i fuck for free and or for reviews,  i have NEVER done or coached anyone for free. Dont know why im getting these malicious reviews. I think a girl who dislikes me  in the area coach him i saw his history and he seems to have a relationship with a certain girl who dislikes me. I PM to give a discription of my location and surprise surprise no reply.

Im exhausted with this nonsense. Total insanity

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That's three you have complained about. When will it end?
You should be taking this up with admin in private.

I took this up in private with admin with 2 reviews.  I followed there instructions and they refused anyways. I dont care anymore.

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on earlier reviews you had better consistency. Perhaps you should be looking at yourself as opposed to those who are reviewing you.

If you didn't care you wouldn't writing admin and starting posts.

I say put on your A game and get to work. A few good reviews are what you really need.

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How can you put on your "A game" for someone you've never met?

Have you read this thread?

The issue at hand is not about Layla's consistency in reviews.

This is about a reviewer writing a fraudulent review based on events that never happened.

She clearly states in her first post that she never met the reviewer.

Furthermore, if you're looking at her reviews this year, she had a 9/9 hit last month, her 4th this year
(this is a verifiable fact, just check her profile).  

If she didn't have her "A game on" with said reviewer, I don't know who could handle her if she did.

Fact, Layla always scores higher in performance than appearance, so this 9/5 DOES look odd given her past reviewing history.

Additionally, she averages 8's and 9's, her low scores come from reviewers who have a history of being tight with their complements.

Now, Big-Bad-John, if you have a personal issue with her, you take it up with Layla backchannel, but don't confuse the issue at hand with some personal vendetta.

Just stick to the facts.

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I don't believe the reviews are fake and obviously TER doesn't either. That's the issue. One review is "out of place", not three.

Since you can read (although you can't spell), her 3 problem reviews are 2012. I assume that you can count, at least to 7.

Now, there is no vendetta. She started the post, not me. I merely added to it. If you have a problem with that then call 800idontgiveafuck.

Girl,don't worry about big bad John....he is a dickhead who causes problems all over the place....he is equally hated in at least 3 me if you want are nothing but a hiding coward.....why take your immature frustrations out on innocent ladies?

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What I said was not whining, but this is may be. I find it ironic that you pick the name Big-bad-john to hide behind. I also find it not to be Big or Bad, but puny and weak and speaks volumes. If your going to be critical and dish out advise you should not do it from a coop. Don't ever tell me what to do. Now is that whining?

I think most knowledgable hobbyist would ignore or totally discount this review as either a fake, or a bad performance that the reviewer deserved because he was undesirable - rude, dirty, or just a prick.  reading his other reviews, he's not someone Zi would give any credence to.  You have many other very good reviews, some by reputable established reviewers, so I don't think it will hurt you even if TER leaves it up.

Layla is a classy, outstanding lady with great skills and a great personality. Anyone who posts anything different is lying.

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