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Why Is the Secret Service Still Protecting Newt Gingrich?confused_smile
salonpas 1550 reads

I thought the GOP was for smaller Govt and redcuing unnecessary spending? $44,000 per day to protect Newt from what exactly, his arrogance and self importance.

Some Secret Service members are saying it is a waste of time and that he shouldn’t have it. Some staff members think it is ridiculous too, and just another example of Newt’s arrogance and self-importance.

Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan said in 2008 that each candidate's detail cost $38,000 per day, a number he expected would rise to $44,000 in 2012, according to ABC News. Last year the House approved a $113 million budget for protection of the 2012 presidential candidates.


FistFullOfFifties502 reads

The archenemy of Captain Kangaroo is ping pong balls. The Captain needs protection, so they wrap the ping pong balls in condoms. He can shoot 'em out 16 feet. Maximum capacity is 9 balls. The first show on weekends is a matinee.

Snowman39182 reads

Just because someone did it before you, does not suddenly make it ok for you to do it.

Why do liberals have such shallow moral compasses when it comes to their own actions, but are ready to tell everyone else how they need to conduct themselves.

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