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I started over 20 years ago, because...
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after my travels, I saw how my new friends in Europe, Japan and Hong Kong were living, and I new eventually we would have much the same standard of living. One thing Greece has over us; they can do what needs to be done, and not have anyone accused of being a racist! lol

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it's own emergency government, which will recognize the State Governor as president, much like it was before the civil war..


The bill will establish a Task Force which will examine conditions under which Wyoming would need to implement its own currency a military draft, raise a standing army, and acquire strike aircraft and an aircraft carrier


SEVERAL states are also passing bills just like this one in their state houses http://www.google.com/search?q=states+pass+bills+recognizing+gold+and+silver+currency+and+military&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

The states who are not preparing for this are the ones who are selling their people out to the feds, and will be total wrecks when the INEVITABLE occurs

...you do know that is part of what Homeland Security does, don't you? They prepare for the worse, it doesn't mean they're expecting the worse.

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States seek to make GOLD AND SILVER their state currencies, which is VERY anti-federal..and is establishing a system outside of the federal reserve system.. Which would be the opposite of what the fed govt wants..

This state is seeking a navy willy, and state aircraft.. Why would a state seeking to use federal agents want the ability to raise their OWN army??

Willy, could you PLEASE just ignore me again??

They may say it's "homeland security" but surely their actions and the powers the state is seeking are establishing the "homeland" as the state and not the nation..


These states are clearly making plans for a collapse of the federal system, even though you think EVERYTHING is fine, and the dow is up, and we're finally on economic stable footing..

The state police are becoming more militarized EVERY DAY..

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My office has guidelines in place in case of a terrorist attack. You know who formulated those plans? Homeland Security.

Continuity of government planning has been going on since the days of the cold war. It's been updated more now since 9/11, but not all the plans are perfected yet. For instance, when there was an earthquake here a while back, we had no plans on how to proceed, and so things need more updating.

In other words, this is old news, and if anything, shows that Wyoming is very late to the game. Now go clean your trousers.

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process you use to follow your thoughts through.. But it's seriously lacking and ALWAYS leaves you changing the subject to make likeness between things that ARE NOT being discussed.. Try staying on topic and using the situation being discussed

OBVIOUSLY Wyoming is preparing for a collapse...

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...then I imagine it's because Wyoming is filled with people who are more paranoid and crazy than Dick Cheney.

But I have my doubts. Part of this is probably libertarian ass hats blowing a dog whistle to their clones, but really it's just Wyoming doing COG planning. They're pretty late to the game.

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Our country is like a man dying of cancer and worrying about being shot.

We will be like so many great civilizations, we will die from within. When you look at the exponential growth of the debt, there is NO WAY to service it!! And will all due respect, I do not want to get into another TAX THE RICH debate. The numbers do not lie, there simple are not enough rich people to support our debt. We are surrounded by examples of this in Europe and still pretend we can just keep the status quo.

We live in a country where the top 10% pay 70% of the taxes. The reason we are going broke is because the bottom 50% pay NO INCOME TAXES!!

So, I digress, but bottom line is, so many people want so much and give nothing back, THAT IS WHY WE ARE DYING AS A NATION.

of serious discussion of the issue beyond taxing the evil rich. That's all they've got. And they expect everyone else (99%ers) to jump on board.

Well, this 99%er know it aint enough. Not nearly.

of the "great civilizations" that have died in recent history! Name me one great country! Some empires like the British, Spanish, Portuguese; the later two more part of the Vatican empire. But, the countries never died. It's more that they went on a diet! That's what I see for us. We will be going on a diet, like many great countries have done before us. But, this will be a life-style diet, with the weight loss occurring by small increments rather than a crash diet, which ultimately results in weight gain.

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The diet would be great, but I haven't seen anyone willing to go there yet.  

Greece is a good example of where we are heading.  I can already hear the cries of Racism and class warfare. I heard what I thought was a good description of what the protestors are like. One official said I was like arguing with a child.  The protestor could not comprehend the implement fact that there was no more money.

after my travels, I saw how my new friends in Europe, Japan and Hong Kong were living, and I new eventually we would have much the same standard of living. One thing Greece has over us; they can do what needs to be done, and not have anyone accused of being a racist! lol

"""The bill’s sponsor, state Rep. David Miller, R-Riverton, said with the national debt exceeding $15 trillion and protest movements growing around the country the State needs to make sure it’s protected should any unexpected emergency hit the U.S."""

It's funny you mention DHS. A bloated, redundant behometh. Part of the problem.

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and read them before replying..

Willy NEVER clicks on ANY links and always replies without ANY knowledge of the subject being discussed.. Willy reminds me of a spoiled kid.. With no real life experience, and can afford to have his jaded thoughts and idea's with his closed mind because his mommy and daddy take care of him..

I'm sure he's a nice enough guy.. Just a bit elite, all knowing and omnipotent. lol

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They don't like the National Debt, so they are going to build a massive military force.  This is going to cost the State of Wyoming billions and create a huge debt.  In a state that has low a low tax base to begin with!

Just what a land locked state in the Rocky Mountains needs!  An AIRCRAFT CARRIER!  
They don't even have a river you could float a barge in, let alone waters for an Aircraft Carrier!

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The only reason I could see a landlocked state needing a navy for is trade and global relations.. and obviously wyoming is trying to prepare to be independent of the federal teet when this system collapses and is no longer there..

No way this federal reserve system will be around much longer,,

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