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I recently just quit with my agency and I am becoming indy again. How do I link all of my info as well as request to be upgraded to the provider VIP membership? I am having trouble figuring this out please help!

My ID for my reviews is 134043 Mia Simone
Thank you!

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Free, limited "Provider" VIP access is available to all providers who have reviews on TER. All you need is a username and to request that your username be linked to your reviews.

This limited VIP:

1. Never expires.

2. Allows the provider to use the TER Mail / Personal Messaging (PM) system as if they were a paid VIP member.

3. Read the "juicy details" of her own reviews (but not of other reviews).

Once you are upgraded your TER Profile is automatically linked to every message you submit on the discussion boards, making it easy for guys to find your reviews.

The first step to a provider taking advantage of complimentary limited provider VIP is the provider requesting that her username be linked to her review profile.  You can check to see if this has already been done by looking at one of your messages posted on this board. Look for a link that says "See my TER reviews"  just under the subject line and to the right of your username. If it's already there, then you're linked. If it's not, click on  "Contact Us"  in the upper right corner of the page and request to have your reviews linked to your user name. Please make sure to include your provider ID number or a direct link to your review profile in the message. Alternatively, if you cannot locate your profile ID number,  you can include the contact information that is listed in your TER review profile, such as your phone number, email address, or website.

Once registered as a provider, you should be able to whitelist just about ANY hobbyist member of TER. It doesn't matter if he has submitted a review of you or not. The only TER members that cannot be whitelisted are those that have whitelisting disabled in their account.

To whitelist a user, click on the "Reviews" link near the top of the screen, and then click "Search White List" on the left side of the screen. Type in the hobbyists TER username (or his email address if you don't know his username, which may or may not match up depending on what email he uses on his profile). Once you find the hobbyist you are looking for, click on the "Submit Referral" button. Only provider accounts can see this button.
Whitelist FAQ

I recently just quit with my agency and I am becoming indy again. How do I link all of my info as well as request to be upgraded to the provider VIP membership? I am having trouble figuring this out please help!

My ID for my reviews is 134043 Mia Simone
Thank you!


Helpful info for a newbie(:

I am having the same problem...

I'd like to have free limited vipmembership please. I've been reviewed and a member since 2011. So how can I get this?

Testing to see if my account is linked to my review.

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trying to see if me username is on my account and my number

Soo I've previously been linked and upgraded to this limited VIP..  I'm able to get my PM's, see my reviews link but it won't let me whitelist.  I've whitelisted plenty of times in the past.  Can you help me please

I would like to know if I can have my username be linked to my reviews if already not or if already so what else do I need to become a vip member?

Sincerely jenn

I'm just replying to this to see if I have that cool link everyones talking about...if not, i shall need it!

when I click reviews tab it just lets me search reviews nothing about whitelist.

How do I get a FREE limited VIP membership?

Thank you

i like to get one as well plz how  i do that thanks

request that your username be linked to your reviews

ter id 82987

can you update general information
new email
new phone number is 702-672-8591

old email is
old number is (702) 896-5472

and new website

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I am very surprised that i dont have any reviews on TER since i have been a provider for a while so i took matters in my own hands to find out how are these providers getting reviews and not me. :(   Im glad information like this can help me in the future.

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to see if my profile is linked

I am learning to use this site. Thare seems to be a lot to learn.

I've been trying for a while now to get my accounts linked and it still hasn't happened... I'm starting to get irritated, i wish they just had a number you could call instead of just getting E-mails back that seem to go no where. :-(

LaurenLux810 reads

Checking to see if my review is linked to my username.

I have the exact same question....

do i have this linked yet? i would like the frre membership so i can see details!! :)

I'll admit I am clueless about these but can someone be kind enough to explain how to place pics in adds?  
I paste the URL from Imagebam but it doens't work and that is the limit of my knowhow?

Getting used to TER ....let's be friends

Test to see if I am linked as I am sure that I am. And that being the case. I have been paying for VIP membership for 2 months for no reason. All I wanted to be able to do was read my own reviews which as it turns out I did not need to pay to do. :(

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Need my username linked to my review profile

How do I change my username while keeping same account, and not making a new account?. .I just wanna make a new username that includes my name ,rachel.

Just wanted to see how my messages showed up lol curious

Checking to see if I'm linked

I dont have any reviews on ter

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I've contacted ter a few times to become a VIP for providers and provided my information. I've never gotten a response and have numerous reviews. I have been a provider over 2 years now. My ter id is 271438. Thank you in advance.

just checking to see how this works lol. ad will be posted soon!

Tried posting Advertising link from here on my friggin Site...hasn't worked yet..trying a new site provider

I currently have 2 recent approved reviews, may I please have VIP for free
Thank you

To clarify: a provider can whitelist someone that they have never seen?  Huh?  So if a lady thinks that I am a nice guy based on my chat room conduct, she can white list me based on just that alone?

Ohh, ok, it looks like they can white list you if you saw them, but didn't write a review.  Got it.

My chats don't show up. I'm learning a lot but want to participate more


just trying to figure out this site and its benefits!

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