Las Vegas

Re: Not sure what that means...
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Looking for Throaters/DT Gaggers.

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Looking for the girl that my cock can feel squeezing down her throat. I love the force it feels.

I recall receiving some really nice DT from Ava Devine during a visit to Vegas a couple years back.  She is a real sweetheart too.

you can check me out online
My name is Jayla Starr... That's like my specialty lol

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Looking for Throaters/DT Gaggers.

Try Marissa, Suzie, Megan or Stacy Moet. All on TER. All can deep throat and gag with the best of them.

Marissa 150, Suzie 250, Megan 80-150, Stacy Moet 150. Why do you guys wanna pay 500 for this. These girls are all on TER and can DT and gag with the 500 girls

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