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Re:Christina Applejade a must see when in Las Vegas
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I am man enough to admit when in error.  I too was skeptical.  As stated in prior post, I have talked/emailed whith Christina several times.  Always been very nice, genuine and sexual.  But being newbie, I was very cautious - mostly based on postings at TER.

Now there is at least a couple of reviews - one from an experienced hobbyist.  Thanks to TEEP and honesthobbyist.  I only regret that my trip to LV is still a few weeks off.

I just posted a review on this wonderful provider in Las Vegas.. she is wonderful, and yes I'm in love... you will be too if you meet her, she is a must experience when you come out to Las Vegas.. please email me if you need details about our date.. I guarantee you , it wil be an experience you will never out you may fall in love just like I did..

The link you posted for her web site does not exist.

You don't seem to have any prior reviews.


Hello ..
Thank you for the interest in my post..
I have been a hobbyist for around 7 years now, and never had any interest in joining or partisipating with the activities on this board, I'm not knocking , just never wanted to play partispate..
I'm a professional and choose not to get too invloved for the fear of being exposed..
This time was different, I know I spoke very Highly of Christina, but what can I say, I really felt something different for this provider..
In life, we meet lots of people, see too many faces, experience numerous situations, but every once in a long while you meet someone that touches you in a different way, a bright light if you will shines upon you from them , then you are changed or part of you change for ever...
This is what happened to me in this case, and believe me I wasn't planning on it, it just happened, I like to think of myself as a very level headed individual, and this was supposed to be another fling, another private evening, kept secret..but here I'm talking about it , which I thought I never would, because I never believed in kissing and telling, but I felt something special in Christina and I wanted to share that with someone, anyone, the entire world..
call me a hopeless romantic, but please never question my integrity, if you only knew what I did  for a living you would never include the suspicious MMMMMMMMMMM in your response..
and BTW, there will always be a first kiss, first car, first house, first sexual experience, why not a first review, or did you start your's at number 10???LOL
have a wonderful day and I better get off this computer, it's mother's day and I'm starting to feel guilty, know what I mean??


Very odd reply.

I am finally able to see Christina's site, but it does not display properly and her link to Pictures does not work.

I will reserve judgement on her until I see a complete web site and some more reviews.

Have fun,


Honesthobbyist?  Seems like you are selling this a little toooo much.

I have attached corrected link for site.  I have talked/emailed Christina several times.  She does indeed seem like a wondeful person and if your comments are genuine - I am very glad to hear it.

But as with previous comment, seems your motives may be suspect.

If you are true hobbyist, please email me as I would like to know more.  

Hi Breeze..
please read my replt to the other gentleman..
and if you like to find out more please email me,I would email you but your email address is only available to members, and I'm not a member currently, but I'm thinking about becoming one...
have a wonderful day..and if you are planning on seeing Christina, you are doing the right /smart thing even thouf=gh I don't really want to share her, but we have to keep things real and in prespective...
and please do come back after you do  , I would like to hear about your date with her, and when you act in love just like I'm then I'm going to tell you "I told you so"..LOL
have a wonderful day..

exoticdancer11047 reads

I tried to see here there but it does not come up.. excessive bandwidth but you can see here I found at this site she is on the bottom of page 1 of the escorts

You found this site?!?!? You operate that web site. Try to more truthful next time.

-- Modified on 5/12/2003 9:15:22 PM

I dropped her an email reagarding availability and some questions about her 1 review and site not working.  I received an enormous reply that had the same tone and writing patterns as her review.  I highly suspect that she posted the review herself or is being pimped.  The whole reply was more like an ad... very similar to the review.  I will wait until I see a known poster review her before I believe she is real.  And a 2 hr minimum?  What's with that!

MsBitch13335 reads

She has been hard to verify that she is legit. The site she advertises on has many reputable ladies on it...such as LJ, Amy ect. but Juele is also there and there has been many instances with her being labeled a rip off.

It is basically swim at your own risk as Spinner has suggested before. The syntax surrounding her emails, the posts and reviews leaves alot of suspicion. There are so many lovely ladies in Las Vegas, it would be silly to risk your hard earned money and time on a lady who cannot be verified as legit.

About advertising site . ANYONE can advertise on these sites . Just because   reputable  ladies are advertising on a certain site , doesn't mean that the other ladies on the site have a good reputation .

Many of times us ladies with great reputation are offered free adds just to attract guys to make them think ............. oh well CindySpice , JackieJewel and other top Vegas escorts are on this site , so it must be good .

NO , NO,  NO !! come on guys use your common sense . I get so frustrated the stuff I hear from guys when I talk to them over the phone .............
Use your  head upstairs,  and don't let a pretty picture fool you .

Notice most top Vegas escorts are not on that site !!

Yes you will swim at your own risk if you chose a lady who isn't reviewed or only has one review ................but of course a new girl has to start somewhere . But there are other signs and ways to figure out who is legit or not , you don't just have to rely on reviews only.

What kills me the most is a girl will get 2 or more bad reviews and guys still decides to see her . Then another  comes back and also writes a bad review and yet another one will waste his money and hire her ?!?!!?!?   what is up with that ??

ok , you guys want something new , but if it isn't out there don't you prefer to stick to the known ones rather then wasting your money and getting disappointed ??

Hope this will help you guys to open up your eyes .
Peace and God Bless America !
xoxo CindySpice

sexxygirrl7905 reads

When I first started, obviously I was nervous about business because I was completely unknown. But within 24 hours after my Eros ad appeared, I started getting appointment requests (because the guys liked my appearance.)

The first guy to see me has gone on to see every new girl in town as well as visiting providers (I know because I occasionally still see him.) He knows all the new ads on Eros. He spends a lot of money in the hobby and he craves variety. I jokingly tell him he's my best resource on the local hobby scene.  

He tells me if the girl looks cute, he will try her out regardless of reviews (unless the reviews say she's a complete cash-n-dasher). He figures YMWV and he thinks he will be the one guy to have a great time.

So, it just confirms that for many men (not all), looks take priority over performance, and hope (for that 9-10 performance) springs eternal.

Well not all men have so much cash just to throw around .........more power to your client who does .

Rating of the performance means nothing !!. I don't get 9's and 10's because I am a safety girl ......but yet I am ONE  of the Top successful Vegas Escorts .

In fact my clients say if they saw me rated at 9 or 10  ( but that would never happen ) they wouldn't hire me , they want ladies who play safe .
I give a "once in a life time experience"and keep it safe at the same time .

If a client who spent time with me felt like it was a "once in a life time experience" who is to tell him NO it wasn't because she didn't do BBBJTC or Facial or Greek  .

Each to his own , what they want and what they feel . That is what makes the world go round and that is what keeps all us ladies busy , no matter size ,shape or style .........
except for the rip offs , but that is a different story ;-)

Peace and God Bless America !
xoxo CindySpice

Why take a free ad if you don't really want an association with the website or operator in question?

Not trying to rag on you, but think about what you wrote for a minute.

"Why take a free ad if you don't really want an association with the website or operator in question? "

I don't !! Notice I am NOT on all advertising sites . I was just sharing information of why you may see independent ladies all over .

If I suspect a site is trying to use my name to build a rep I DO NOT place my add there !!

BUT if I won't place adds where I also know rip off ladies place adds , I would never have an add anywhere .

My point of the post is.......... just because a true reputable lady has an add somewhere,  doesn't mean the rest of the ladies are reputable . it's simple , these are advertising sites , anyone can pay and be on it, money talks  ....why is that so hard to understand ??

I always think before I write !! Sorry you missed the point .
Peace and God Bless America !
xoxo CindySpice

I generally will not see a provider who advertises on a site which is not a known entity. In LA, the only real escort mall sites which care about protecting the clients are South Coast VIP, City Source and That Mall. No coincidence the owners are respectively two clients and an ex-madam. In order of reliability, the three largest malls, Exotics, Eros and Cityvibe are significantly less reliable, but they are my second tier for finding a date because there is such a wide and ever changing variety of ladies. Pretty much anything else will get very little play (Lovings in SF is an exception) from me.

In Vegas particularly, if I see ads with obvious stock photos, I will assume it is an agency in the true Vegas tradition of extracting as much money as possible while doing as little as possible*. My point is that any girl, who I would think should know the turf, would be so foolish as to place an ad (or not ask to have an unsolicited one removed) and associate with people like that, is beyond my realm of comprehension. Even John from Deepest Iowa can log on to TER or, heavens forbid, TBD, and figure it out these days.

* for purposes of this, or for that matter, any discussion, assume that legit providers who service poorly are distinguishable from ripoff or neo-ripoff (i.e., agencies).

???????????? sorry but you make no sense at all !! you say you won't use sites that just let anyone advertise , but yet you sometimes use Eros , Exotics , or Vibe .

Not everyone finds TER and TBD .I meet many guys that surf the net and they say they never heard of TER or TBD ( until they met me )

Most of my business apart from many repeat clients comes from Eros . So should I remove my add from Eros because they allow anyone to advertise there ??

NO I won't . It's not that I am supporting sites that will allow anyone to advertise . These advertising sites are not there to help you figure out who is for real or who is a rip off . That isn't their job and they never claimed to be . Those site are like a yellow pages........ you pay , you advertise they don't care if the girl is for real , this is about money !! ........ It is up to you guys to open your eyes , think with the big head and figure it out .

It is no brainier !!! If there are a few site that actually care , that is great . But for the Vegas market that does not exist.( except TER and TBD )  So I will advertise on any site that I think gets enough traffic to get my business . I will not advertise on an agency site or a pimp site .

and again guys if I am on an advertising site , doesn't mean all the rest of the ladies have a good rep . It is up to you guys to do the research ,and figure it out .  I am always glad to help guys with inside info I have even if the guy isn't seeing me.

I know what I am doing and obviously it is working well ;-)
Have a great weekend,
Peace and God Bless America !
xoxo CindySpice

LOL, you are sooo correct Cindy!!!   It's so funny.  It's like a guy see everybody else posting terrible reviews and he decides that HE is the ONE guy who will beat the odds and have a great time and get to finally post a good review of the girl.  I have this sneaking suspicion that these must also be the guys who like to bust their balls riding mechanical bulls, hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

I am man enough to admit when in error.  I too was skeptical.  As stated in prior post, I have talked/emailed whith Christina several times.  Always been very nice, genuine and sexual.  But being newbie, I was very cautious - mostly based on postings at TER.

Now there is at least a couple of reviews - one from an experienced hobbyist.  Thanks to TEEP and honesthobbyist.  I only regret that my trip to LV is still a few weeks off.

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