Re: Wonderful Wednesday Vickie's Style... Southern Hospitality
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One of my FAV pics

This is it!!!!!  “ Here and now candid pics of Vickie’s Secret.”
We boys are dying to know what that secret is and ladies we think you know the answer.  

This is the one time only, TER allowed, with a few caveats
- thread can be started by a guy  (well we Carolina Boys who I will represent)
- reply posts (positive) can be from both the ladies and gents (vote and vote often)
- if a provider, who is not visiting wants to post, then it’s ok (So friends are allowed)
- no ad type text or link (this aint no Nascar race, its an art galley)

Ladies respond to this post to post your artwork  pleeeeeezzzeee  so it’s all lined up real pretty.  Then go browsing, we know how you like to look too but we can appreciate you fine body work much better.

Guys,  there is talking in THIS art gallery. But no shoutin, no spittin, no cursin, and no picking your noses.    Drooling and fogging screens is optional.

Now the Gallery

BK. I had to spend about .5 hour reading, and no I am not a slow reader.

I am a woman of many words, if you haven't noticed ;)

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BK. I had to spend about .5 hour reading, and no I am not a slow reader.

Aahh, Vickie's Secret. Forget Adriana and the rest. T is the true top VS model.

fit for the high seas under full sail.  I like the cut of your jib me lady.  Though I know there be a storm a brewing  in ye!

Why did you have to go and submit this pic? Could not be finer than to be in Carolina !

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Not the actual, but a rhinestone copy...

does one place the scabbard?  TIs yer name be Anne Bonne?  Fer she could stave off a broad side with me heaviest cannon.

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Crystal_CF463 reads

CF=Carolina fantasies... perhaps that will help?


The fragrance of her roses are intoxicating;P~~~  Inhale deeply, while in the vicinity guys;P~~~

will say that each and every one of you is a work of art.

If you are using "new TER" switch to flat mode and you'll understand what I mean.  I wore my mouse out moving up and down between the pictures.  

A heartfelt thank you to each one of you ladies.

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