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CARLOS 7450 reads

Contacted her and she replied. Sent the deposit per her instructions. She cancelled 3 times. Kept the deposit and would not reply to further emails

holy crap and I was going to try and book her

jazzy2572 reads

oh wow. i've contacted her and emailed about setting something up, but haven't done the deposit. glad it didn't get that far. too bad because i really wanted to see her. now i'm gonna stay away.

DeeNutz2605 reads

then report her to the better business bureau...

My advice is to let her keep the deposit, don't waste another dime on her and see someone else, you will not get that much out of her or the session, been there, done that. You will probably leave the session feeling empty anyway.  There are so many great PS providers (check my reviews) who will rock your world, just my 2cents.

I have been told by one person who knows her well (another woman), that Ice is truly a sick person with a deviant personality. Downright mean and angry. She might be a good looking unit, but she really should be avoided.

I read a similar incident about Courtney Simpson on funwithpses and the poor guy sent the deposit and then Courtney called and said she was involved in an accident. All further attempts to contact her came to naught. For me, I think paying to an agency is much safer than paying to an individual. Also, I think it is a good idea to go with the less fancied or popular Porn Stars. You never know what they are made off until you sample them

sorry bro , that is some crazy shit-and it sucks

i had a girl cancel on me 3 times- then ask me for a deposit- i couldnt stop laughing

sal07italn21758 reads

Next time send a deposit via credit card if they only accept cash that might be a red flag

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