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It's more like a common sense policy..
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If one names a hotel, how do you know there are not a couple of providers working there now? This is not Vegas.  

I have read about those hobbyists having difficulty in setting up appointments with providers who only offer outcall service and are interested in a reasonably priced short stay Hotel. Well I have the 411 on just that near Penn Station offering 3 hours for $65. As it's against TER policy to publish and disclose this information, I will be pleased to respond to any and all PM's. It's a great fucking life.

Yeah, for some reason, $65 is the standard rate for a 3 hour stay. Some may be a bit higher, and some may be a bit lower. There is one in Baltimore I know, they got free porno channels. It's not like the staff don't know why some men rent those hotels. I only rent those hotels past 11:00PM because I don't want to be spotted. The motel just got renovated, and it's a pretty nice place. Not upscale, but, it gets the job done. Before, that place was a shit hole. Now, it has running hot water in less than two minutes, before, it took like almost 8 minutes to have running hot water, and sometimes the hot water would divert to and come back, a real drag.

Yeah dude, I didn't even know about those $65 motels for 3 hours until a provider told me about it. Funny thing is, its an additional $20 more to spend the night. Anyhow, some are nice, and some are like shit holes. The one I use to go to got street hookers hanging around the place, just absolutely nasty. However, they made loitering rules after they made the renovation. Anyhow, have fun bro!

Its a critique of each 3 hour hotel in New York. Its for public viewing and does not violate any TER policies.

Can say 2 of this manhattan places are not the best for girls or johns to be in, ijs.

Do you have any first knowledge of these hotels in NYC?  If not, then best just to pass on posting.  If so, please state that you do before recommending short-stays as an out-of-towner.

I do have first knowledge of the Liberty, St. Mark's, and Kew.  Both of the first two have notorious histories, and are high on the sleaze rating.  During peak hours, you may have to wait for rooms to open up, but otherwise the descriptions in the article are accurate.  As for the Kew, only been there a couple of times, and the atmosphere was reminiscent of similar sub-urban no-tels I have experience with here in NNJ.   In short, while there may be hobbying taking place there, it is mostly couples hooking up after a night out      

Is that new?  This topic has come up dozens of times and many hotels have been mentioned here.  

Of course, you never mention a hotel where someone is staying, as that is a danger to them, but recommending hotels has happened here for as long as I've been a member.

If one names a hotel, how do you know there are not a couple of providers working there now? This is not Vegas.  

Remember, we are talking about short stay hotels.  The cops know about them.  Hell, some of them have been listed in newspapers.  Attached is Time Out's list of top 10 short stay's in NYC.

What are the cops going to do?  See that someone here recommended a hotel and then bust into every room and guess who is having an affair and who is paying?

There is zero added risk by letting members of this community know what the cops alredy know.

As we all know, LE monitors these boards.  Why would we knowingly give them names of hotels we recommend for touring providers?  I agree the risk is small...LE does not generally go after indies.  But it's better to be safe than sorry and PMs work fine.  All I know is, when I was a noob I mentioned the name of a hotel here and got the shit flamed out of me.  I didn't do it again.

Reserve a room and you cannot call ahead. I've shown up more than once and they've said 'no vacancys' for a few hours and then you're kind of stuck :-(

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