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Midtown midday fun?
Tobym526 13 Reviews 690 reads

I'll be in midtown in a couple of weeks for a meeting and have some time to kill:-). Recommendations for a quick and satisfying appointment midday, spa, incall etc?

highly recommended to set up in advance but the best nyc has to offer...can be cooridnated through same email with proper credentials..enjoy

Manhattan, Spa. Incall. plus 199 excellent reviews. Welcome to New York City. x Flora

...All of four of above plus the OUTSTANDING Olivia LaRue!!!

Sh-boom sh-bam!!!

Seen both several'll leave for your next meeting with a smile on your face with either.

I would also advise you to do your homework if you are not familiar with NYC.  You have a excellent range of choices, and don't forget that there are many touring ladies worthy of your consideration as well.  Pay attention to the ad board, and you'll see you what I mean about choices.  One last thing...NYC is not inexpensive, so take that into account when choosing who to see.  

Have fun!

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