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you r the best

the boys licked, sucked, and fondled?

Posted By: JayCross
the boys licked, sucked, and fondled?

I love all 3. Licking and fondling at the start then sucking and fondling after that.

of course..the boys like the makes big daddy so much happier when his boys are included..

i must be the minority view because i would rather have all the attention on the joy stick.  it makes me ticklish to play, suck or lick the boys.

Posted By: JayCross
the boys licked, sucked, and fondled?

The by all means the BOY's should be treated and not neglected.....But it makes it soooo much better when the BOY's are clean SHAVED.................I J S ( I'm Just Saying)

....didn't like the "boys licked, sucked or fondled" from anyone.

It really doesn't do much for me.  All I'll add to that is "be gentle"...

Like someone else mentioned, for me its too ticklish. I had a woman grab and suck so hard once I felt like someone had punch me in the nuts.  I have never cared for it.

Sexual stimulation wise it does nothing for me.  Not that I dislike it.  It just doesn't do anything for my arousal level with the exception of some women that look hot as fuck while doing it. Depends how attracted to her face I am for that result, sensory input wise I could care less. It doesnt bother me if a lady does it so long as she is gentle, but if she didn't I wouldn't even notice, even if I was very attracted to her look.

OF COURSE !!  at least most do ... lol

I enjoy them licked and fondled, but not sucked - too sensitive...

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