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I want a post a new review to a providers existing profile, seems like when I click submit new review it does not let me link it up with her profile,  will the mods do this after they review or can I do it in a way it will link up?

Sphinxnc 19 Reviews 348 reads
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No, as of right now there is no linking.  Each review has to be submitted as if it's a brand new provider.  Easiest way I have found is to write and save the text blocks offline.  Then, open 2 windows, one of her profile and one of the new review page.  Make sure the info you enter in the new review blocks matches the existing profile exactly.  When everything is entered, copy and paste the text blocks in place and add the apperance, performance, attitude, and atmosphere. Proof / double check and submit.  Good luck.  Management makes sure thay are linked to the correct place.

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that's all you can and have to do.  If you got the handle correct, admin will post it to her profile when it gets approved.


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With newer ladies associated with agency, TER may not link the lady's profile under the right agency profile. It makes it harder for future clients to try to look up newer providers under that agency.

xyz23 43 Reviews 237 reads
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TER has decided that each review for a provider has to be done as if it's her first one. Each reviewer has to fill out the entire profile form whether the provider has 100 reviews or none. It's a pain but right now it's their way. Look a few threads below and you'll see where this was discussed and Admin answered. It appears they are working on a change.

To be sure that your review of her is connected to her profile instead of some other providers with a similar name or to prevent her being given a new profile when she already has one, know her TER ID# and include it in the General Details as the first sentence. Ex: This review is for provider ABC TER ID# 123456.
That way the review approval people have no doubt who the review is for.

I began doing this after a review I wrote for a provider with more than 90 reviews was given a new profile with my review as her first one. (I was able to get that corrected.)

Also note if you fill in some information with something other than what her profile already says it won't be changed. It will default to her existing profile info. You have to submit a problem report to get anything in her profile changed if it needs updating or correcting.

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