My first couple of attempts were poor...
LaphamSam 1594 reads
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Meaning you didn't click with the provider?  Or it just didn't work out the way you planned?

macdaddy1944 51 Reviews 396 reads
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never happened to me once..if you do your research you should never be disappointed with your choice..if you stick to reliable sources [ i never use backpage ] and check the reviews on should never be they say..buyer beware..

hiddenhills 137 Reviews 421 reads
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the term often used for not "clicking" with a provider. This happens. However, if you want to read about "really bad" first hobby experiences become VIP and read the "new reviews" in the city where you hobby. This TER feature is littered with guys seeing unreviewed providers and having horrible experiences. As mentioned on this board ad nauseum, see well reviewed providers and you should have good times.

harborview 10 Reviews 558 reads
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but was before I knew about TER.  That is why TER is such a resource.  People who have been disappointed become strong advocates ofthe review system.

nattyboh7 3 Reviews 246 reads
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I enjoyed myself, but I was nervous as all hell and my first couple of times didn't meet up to my expectations. I recently had another visit with a provider that was one of those first ones, and can honestly say it went a lot better the second time around, because the nerves had subsided.

wigeon 3 Reviews 284 reads
6 / 6

My first attempt was to call a girl who advertised as a GFE on Eros. That was before I discovered TER unfortunately. Total rip-off, if I may quote, "you must have confused me with a prostitute."

I have not actually participated all that much, but I do check reviews even if I am merely browsing and dreaming. You never know when the stars will align and I will have both the time and the money simultaneously.

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