How long does it take to get "instant" VIP access?
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I've been waiting for several hours. I'm wondering if this site is legitimate.

jaydalee See my TER Reviews 644 reads
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This site is legit.
If you paid for your membership you should have instant access to VIP try to refresh.Or you could try logging out and then logging back in to see if that will work.
If you posted a review for VIP access I do not know the time frame I am assuming when the review posts which could be hours or days is when you would have VIP access.
Be patient if you did post a review if you paid I would contact the site you paid through or contact TER to see what the problem is.
Good luck!

xyz23 43 Reviews 472 reads
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...whether you submitted a review to earn the free days of VIP or if you paid for the VIP membership.
If you submitted a review it will take anywhere from a few hours to 72 hours or more for the review to be approved and posted. If it is your first review (one and only review) then you will have to submit a second review and wait for it to be approved and posted. Once that happens you will receive 30 days of free VIP. From that point forward you will receive 15 days of free VIP for every review you submit and it will begin as soon as the review is approved and posted.

If you paid by credit card through the Buy VIP link here on the site it may take a while. Mine took less than 24 hours but I don't really remember how long. Every time I have renewed it was pretty much instant.
If you chose the pay by cash option I don't know how long that takes.

Jaydalee is again correct in suggesting that you log out and log back in to see if it then takes effect.

The site is legit. Rest assured of that. You can use the "contact us" link at the bottom of every page to contact Admin and inquire about your VIP membership. I would definitely do that if it's not active by tomorrow.

I ask that you let us know what happened and again welcome to TER. Feel free to ask questions here on the newbie board.

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