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I contacted a provider last night whom I saw an add for on CV. I checked her out and she's also on BP, Verified Escorts, has her own website but no reviews...she's not on TER either. We chat for a bit last night and scheduled a time to meet at a upscale hotel. Then she texted me after asking if I was LE. I told her no..but what's the chance she is LE? Do you think she's a real girl just being cautious or an LE ploy to lower my guard.

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You said outcall, and you also mention meeting at an upscale hotel. So is she coming to you at your upscale hotel? Just making sure you are not confusing outcall and incall. If you are going to her, it is "incall. "If she is coming to you for an outcall, it is not likely that she is LE, but it is not impossible. "Usually" when LE does stings they will set up an incall, so they can catch a lot of guys, not necessarily go after individual guys one by one at outcall situations.

Could she be LE? Sure! Could she be a great escort who just doesn't have any reviews yet? Sure! Could she be a "bait and switch" or "cash and dash" or any number of other scams? Sure! The question is do you want to TOFTT? As a newbie you should not. You should stick to well known and well reviewed providers.

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if you are hosting, there's a very good chance she is not LE.  She is under the false assumption though that by asking you if you are LE you ahve to tell her the truth and therefore are safe.

Anyway,  she has a website and you have set the session up in advance, both are good indicators she isn't LE.     Since she isn't reviewed you are still taking a risk of her not being the girl in the pics, or her service being lousy, but the chances that she is LE is pretty slim.

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Many times when I've TOFTT a new provider will ask me if I'm LE. As Naomi mentioned, new providers don't realize that LE will say anything, including " no I'm not LE"  It's hard to tell if she's LE, but you did mention an "upscale" hotel. Regardless whether it's incall or outcall, LE normally doesn't work out of upscale hotel, as management of these types of properties doesn't want to be mention in the article in the paper on the net that will be written about the bust/sting and they certainly don't want other guests to be aware of a bust/sting going on during the stay. Nothing good,for the hotel management can come out of an upscale property allowing LE to operate on the premises.

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I have to agree unfortunately new girls have a seriously wrong impression that if they ask if you are LE then that fixes everything. It could not be further from the truth.

Upscale hotels will not allow LE to do stings as you said because of the wealthy clientel that they have coming through daily. LE can't just set up a sting without the hotel knowing they have to have their permission to do these things and a 4 or 5 star hotel is not going to allow that.

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A couple of years ago there was a big federal sting of some escort ring out of the Marriott Long Wharf in Boston.

Don't ever assume that a certain hotel is bust proof.

When the feds come calling, they can be very persuasive.

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Update...turns out you guys were right she wasn't LE but she also was the girl in the pic. I was so disappointed and turned off by this. When I told her hey you're not the girl she offered to leave but I felt bad so I compensated her for coming...a whopping benjamin. Ah well better luck next time for me :(

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get mad she fucked u over!!
Is be a special kinda pissed off if some Trick brought me something besides the envelope filled with cash...same thing, it's not what you or I ordered!

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