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BooBoo_KittyFuck See my TER Reviews 4774 reads
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How often do you enter a chat room?

Do you ever chat here on TER?

What kind of chat rooms do you visit most often?

Me?  I enjoy chat.  


QueenBia See my TER Reviews 5418 reads
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deya See my TER Reviews 3136 reads
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I didn't even realize there was a chat for this site!  Maybe I'll check it out in a little bit, I am excited :)

BooBoo_KittyFuck See my TER Reviews 3272 reads
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was once a hoppin' chat room.  

It saddens me to say, it has kind of seen  it's "hay day" and fizzled out.

But I know of one that is starting to pick up.  IM or email me for the info and a link.


YIM : Aajay4Fun

JoeAFriday 6 Reviews 4720 reads
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I was there, now I'm here.

BooBoo_KittyFuck See my TER Reviews 4155 reads
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and now you are not

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