Ouch, that's one hot image.
funintexas 23 Reviews 889 reads
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I posted a comment on her thread last night and now it's gone.

TSRachel See my TER Reviews 1314 reads
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have no idea why hon, but they took down my ad. Last week, I posted the same ad about coming to NYC and the Casinos CT this week and there was no problem and I followed the one provider ad a week rule, but it was taken down and there was no PM from "the powers that be" why...oh well...definitely miss the moderators for sure...not just because of this, but since they did get rid of the mods, the pace of "discussions" here have basically come to a standstill...maybe that is why so many gents have jumped ship and gone to the new site that was discussed here a few months ago...maybe I'll see you there...dfk, Rachel

Sancho2 13 Reviews 638 reads
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Rachel, not sure what the plan is for these boards long term, admin has never been much good at communicating. In any case, this picture is about as hot as they get. Very tasty. Missed the post about a new site, and have not been checking in very often since the canned me.

funintexas 23 Reviews 641 reads
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rachel I don't know how do you do it , but you keep getting hotter and hotter .  not only is your personality a 10 but your physical appearance is as well .  hopefully you will come to dallas so I can finally meet you . I missed you the last time you were here .

player7883 492 reads
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I'm sure you figured this out but I know you need a room key to get to your room at Mohegan.

strapiton9 20 Reviews 587 reads
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What new group if I may ask?  I do not recall picking up on that.

Very hot pic. You certainly have a knack for getting motors revved.  You could never be a "boot model"  no one would notice the boots.

jeremiahd 1 Reviews 491 reads
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… right there! "Less is more" never looked better. Even ol' Mies couldn't begin to architect up a temple like that! :-)

DiscussionBoardAdmin 516 reads
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Your ad "NYC today through 16th...Casinos, CT 16th through 18th" from the 13, is posted.

The other two ads with your photos, just need to be placed underneath this one.  Something happened and they appeared as separate ads for the week.

If you have questions you can click on the Contact Us and we'll be able to look into the situation.

Foxyman17 2 Reviews 388 reads
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