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Re: Ads are only permitted on regional boards. Not sure it says anywhere . . .
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Who here is the designated picture thread starter?  I am ready to post mine today, but this board has a few hater's, so I thought I would ask.  Any help is appreciated.  I know the true gentlemen enjoy picture threads because I get plenty of pm's that make me smile!

I would post a picture, but fear it will get taken down again by someone on this forum who prefers that the 1 specific provider is only allowed to post.  Wrong because on my San Diego boards we have a few gals who post picture threads & it never bothers me.  Anyone can start a picture thread it just has to be a provider, but I am no way near to being over 60, so maybe that is the problem here.

Have a blessed day!

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Naomi_Sweets See my TER Reviews 4507 reads
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Theme day is Thursday - if you post a picture thread on another day it does get taken down.

On Thursdays anyone can start the picture theme thread.  I started one last Thursday.

Please feel free to start off the thread today and the rest of us will post our pics in your thread.

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...Haley posted about a week ago.
"Since this is a national board our one photo day was approved and could be taken away at anytime. All rules apply as with any other photo post theme day on TER. The Theme day may start at 6AM by any lady. " Gentlemen please do not try to start any photo post as it is against TER rules and all will more than likely get taken down."    

She usually started the Photo thread but it's clear we don't have a designated starter. Please feel free to start the thread. Plenty of ladies have participated in the past regardless of age. There have been some removed but it was because rules weren't followed. Our photo thread day is Thursday. It doesn't follow a theme or I hadn't noticed if it did.

Go for it. I look forward to seeing your photo and those of all the other ladies.

(mmmmm...I wasn't aware we had any haters. I think I'm glad I don't know who they are. Who has time for that?)

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I would post my picture, but it definitely be taken down. Everyone who saw it would have permanent retina damage.

QueenBia See my TER Reviews 4224 reads
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I appreciate & respect your candor, but in our city we have providers, do picture threads on any given day.  I usually try to post TaTa & Tushie Thursday's!  I am happy to say, this is why I LOVE TER!  Great community thanks a bunch.

xoxo Smile 4 me & have a blessed day!

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Every time guys get critical of some lady's pictures, they should turn the camera on themselves and remember just how unforgiving the camera can be.  That's why we hear so many guys say she looked better than her pictures- most of us do.

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TER does not allow for Theme days. TER has allowed 1 day/week here temporarily, but it's gotten boring just like the rest of the Theme days have on the Regional boards. Same old tired pictures, same ladies. Hell, the Atlanta board can't even agree on Theme days, lol...


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that photo threads are prohibited from national boards. See Haley's link above and try to comprehend what she said.

KissMyAuraDora 4077 reads
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"Not sure it says anywhere that photo threads are prohibited from national boards. See Haley's link above and try to comprehend what she said. "

Perhaps you should try to comprehend the "Theme Day rules" before you shoot off your mouth as usual. Yea, i know, it's pretty complex to read & understand TER 's use of the word "local' & try to interpret it  as meaning  'regional'. It's real big leap isn't it....perhaps for you?

- Thread should be started by a "local" provider or local agency only
- Only local providers, local agencies and visiting providers with an active visiting ad may participate

I did mention in my post if you were able to comprehend..."TER has allowed 1 day/week here temporarily," the only National board which was @ Haley's request (begging) to TER when she was a hostess. Ever see the Theme day threads on any other national board Einstein?

Also, the Theme Day Guidelines were posted on all 'Regional' boards & none of the 'National' boards.

Theme Day Guidelines
Posted by DiscussionBoardAdmin  , 2/28/2012 10:31:24 AM  

Guidelines for Photo Theme Days

Guidelines for posting Theme Day Threads on TER are listed below. TER staff/Admin may, at their discretion and judgment, remove any post that, in their opinion do not follow these guidelines. Abuse of these guidelines can result in the poster being moderated.

- Thread should be started by a local provider or local agency only
- Only 1 photo theme per day
- Only local providers, local agencies and visiting providers with an active visiting ad may participate
- Theme can not be started earlier than 5 am (local time)
- Providers can post only 1 photo per theme day
- Agencies can only post 1 photo per day
- Photos should be related to the theme
- Photos should not have been used for a theme day in the past - Keep them new!
- No links to websites are allowed
- Text (one line only)  is allowed but cannot be an ad type text, such as (not an all inclusive list) website, email, phone number or statement such as 'Call Me' or 'Come See Me'
- Do not use all caps in the subject line or the one liner
- Provider should post under the OP's original post; do not post under another provider's photo
- Only the watermark trademark of the provider, the provider's name or the photographer's name (copyright) is allowed on the photo
- Comments on the photos are allowed; posters should only respond to the photo post, not to a member's response. This should not be used to start a new discussion. Do not make this a shill or mini-review or the post will be removed.

General Ad Posting and General Board Rules apply unless otherwise stated above.

I hope this post adds to your comprehension of Theme day threads on Regional boards vs National boards.

Now go back to your Shilling & bloviations.

Your welcome.

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AuraDora, your observations may be correct, but one of the things that attract so many to this board has been the polite nature of discussions which welcome varying viewpoints without the put downs and aggression that used to characterize the GD Board. The insults really weren't needed to make the point. Chill, or enjoy posting on the GD Board where your cutting whit will be more appreciated.

KissMyAuraDora 3917 reads
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where is there any insults? She asked a question & I answered politely & correctly.

Then another hobbyist deemed it necessary to respond both incorrectly & not politely by insulting me for my veracity. I responded w/more info & the rules, and used his "words" to respond 'politely' (if indeed you think he responded to me politely, by not calling him out).

It seems you are a bit thin skinned & not just dusty. Thanks for your instructions "Chill, or enjoy posting on the GD Board where your cutting whit will be more appreciated."

Not a very polite or welcoming response indeed. Perhaps you should follow your own advice traildust.

I chill w/the best of them.
Not go clean up & wipe that dust off yourself, it's not insulation from the Chill.

Big-Bad-John 3674 reads
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For providers and there should not be any theme threads. This is merely another place for providers to promote themselves.
There are only one or two providers who are over 60 that post here.

The same old themes by the same providers over and over get monotonous.

Look at the statement at the top of this board. It looks more like it has been reserved for theme threads.

voyager13 119 Reviews 3279 reads
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I saw that your original post was great - informative, to the point and with a light touch. And no question that the hobbyist started things down hill with an incorrect and insulting post in response. My Bad for adding more negative at the end instead of just leaving the trail! Guilty as charged!

KissMyAuraDora 4739 reads
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a little dusty...but w/a little fix'n up...you're ok!

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