60 and Over

My honest response ....,
keystonekid 113 Reviews 6804 reads
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whether it be on vacation at a resort or the local pool?

I'll start--The obvious is being with family and knowing I have finally reached that stage in life.
Secondary benefit is checking my eyesight by looking at the hot young moms wearing the bikinis.

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KSM46 33 Reviews 4422 reads
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The best part is being with my grandchildren! And being thankful that I have reached this wonderful stage in life.
Side benefit - checking out all the hot moms wearing the bikinis! LOL

xyz23 43 Reviews 3067 reads
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G2 5046 reads
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Of course, I'm a little past the prime demographic these days, but lots of good memories.

BigPapasan 3 Reviews 4506 reads
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..."dropping the kids off at the pool" but were making it age-appropriate for this board.

At my age, "dropping the kids off at the pool" is almost as good a feeling as hobbying.

Sphinxnc 19 Reviews 3312 reads
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ChiefRedbeard 16 Reviews 5937 reads
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Once we hit puberty, our eyes begin to roam, tis human nature.  This continues until we die.  One of the big differences between men and women, is that women hid it better!

kenboy 1 Reviews 4780 reads
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Even when on a diet you can still look at the menu !

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