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Does a Blackeye count
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Yes. You guessed it. While sucking you know whatski, the friction between my molars & inner cheeks resulted in cuts. I was touring at the time, no pain reliever, no time to go to the store, & had another appt. booked 2hrs later. I slammed a bottle of wine to ease the pain as the gent scheduled to come play was a regular & really counting on getting his bbbjcim. Thankfully he not only minded that I was rather tipsy (yes I did let him know in advance) he actually got a charge out of it. It took me 3 days to recover from that injury BTW.

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Have you ever actually caused yourself a physical injury such as spraining, pulling, or breaking something on your body when you were getting it on?

Have you ever overdone it to the point where you had trouble walking, were dehydrated, or passed out literally?

Ever had to go to ER for your sexual injuries?

Don't be shy, let's share our stories...

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For my friends who remember my Massive Bed when I provided incall in SD  will die laughing and those who have never seen it well Massive it not the word for it. I was told by a friend who is 6'5" that he need a step stool to get into my Cali King Bed lol
So on with the story.
A good friend booked a late overnight. And we were having the time of our lives.
About 2 hours in we were all over my bed when we went off the side him hitting the floor first then me coming right down on top hitting him with such force it brook my implant and ended up at the emergency room getting 7 stitches in him and 3K in dental work to repair my dental implant.
Lol we are still friends to this day and now Laugh about it but at the time I was pretty scared, and there was blood everywhere in my bedroom.  


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A friend and I where doing wrestling play and wasn't paying close enough attention. We rolled off the bed and my elbow went into the gentleman's eye. Iced it real quick but he was heading home and needed to figure a believable story. Called me the next day and had to go to the doctors to get his eye checked and his cheekbone was bruised. He laughed and said I definitely won the match.

Next time I saw him he said he had to wear a patch over his eye for 3 weeks. He has a job standing in front of lots of people. He said every one was saying "looks like you lost the fight" and he just had to laugh knowing how true that was. We never did that fantasy again.

Kisses Haley

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for an early afternoon appt.  I was planning a light lunch (I rarely eat breakfast) but got behind in my preparations and ran out of time.  Missing my appt. with her was not an option so I went and we had a sensational session.  When I got home about an hour later I wolfed down a Chinese carryout lunch I'd picked up along with a drink.  When I was done. I stood up from my couch to go to the bathroom and after I took about 4 steps, I woke up just as I wa hitting the floor, having passed out because my sugar levels were still too low & the standing up had drained blood from my head & I passed out!  My head hit the (fortunately) padded & carpeted floor and I had a good jolt & was stunned for a second, then figured out whaat hqd happened.  Scared me a bit because had I managed about 6 mmore steps, I'd have fallen on my kitchen floor, which is vinyl tile over concrete--could have been serius.  So I sucked up some fruit juice (lots of sugar) and sat down for about an hour before I tried to move again.  Next time I saw this lady & told her the tale, we had a good laugh--she was knocked out that we'd done it so hard I passed out later!  But now I always get something into my system before a visit no matter what.

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When I got up I banged my ankle against the sharp corner of it and still have the scar to remind me to be more careful.

The other problem comes from DATY too long and too hard in a bad position.  I have a kink in my neck that is caused by bone spurs developed by it.  The pain still comes and goes and my doctor says someday I ought to have surgery to clean them out.

To avoid this have the gal on her back with her legs on the floor, and kneel down on a pillow on the floor so that your neck isn't forced back so far, or have her on top if you prefer.

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Sex with my second wife. WoW. In bed, on the dinning room table, in the shower, the hot tub, the bathroom counter. the couch, the recliner, etc.  I was needless to say pleased that she enjoyed it so much and would initiate as often as not. So...you're asking what's the rest of the story. hmm...neither of us were exactly spring chickens. I had some back trouble about 5 years before we met but things were fine at this point.
Some of our sex positions were stressful to my back. Eventually, I had some serious muscle strain and aggravated the bulging discs that had been building up over the years leading to excruciating pain, sciatica, physical therapy, cortisone injections in my spine (epidural) and arthritis medication because it was the only pain killer that would do any good.
The rest of the story-part II
Lost weight, got in shape, got divorced (sadly the sex was the only good thing in the marriage), stayed in shape, work out regularly and have had no troubles for over 10 years now.

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