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Computer Slow?
9676forfun 55 Reviews 4668 reads
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HaleyOrlando See my TER Reviews 6777 reads
2 / 10

It took me hours to send out reminders and someone sent me a note to use classic. It made everything zip by and brought back nostalgic memories since this is the TER I was introduced to in the very beginning.

You'll find the Classic link when you first open up the TER website. Click on it and then do your sign on

Have a great day

Kisses Haley

9676forfun 55 Reviews 5329 reads
3 / 10

It's not my computer. It's TER's slow servers.

Roadshow2 30 Reviews 3563 reads
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And sometimes the new version runs better.  I noticed a lot of double posting recently.

HaleyOrlando See my TER Reviews 3455 reads
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I love all the sexy pics the ladies post and with classic I have open each to view.

With the newer version it's like a beautiful slide show of sexy sexy ladies and I can scroll up and down as much as I want taking a closer view to see what I missed.

Got to love that feature how about you ?

Kisses Haley

xyz23 43 Reviews 7239 reads
6 / 10

I would use flat to read the threads if it kept things in conversational order instead of chronological order. It causes Confusion on which post one is replying to. With the slowness the flat view would make things easier because once it opened you could see all of it and not spend all your time waiting for things to move along.

ChiefRedbeard 16 Reviews 5727 reads
7 / 10
Wild_Wil 4367 reads
8 / 10
G2 3417 reads
9 / 10

I don't think they've had any big increase in traffic, so I've got to assume they're having problems with their servers or it's now being hosted by a new company.  Whatever the reason, the problem is on their end, not ours, because all the boards have been complaining about slow speeds.

harborview 10 Reviews 5813 reads
10 / 10

and got an error message on classic...  annoying me since I have VIP right now & had some shopping to do...   Got it fixed now, thankfully.  
First thought was "Somebody forget to pay the light bill?"

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