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For the Ladies
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especially the more mature and established among them.

This may be naive, but so be it.  The money aside (and this is a business), I am wondering what rewards (psychic and otherwise) you derive from your choice of lifestyle?  So many of you are so comfortable and self-confident in your choice it seems to me that there must be multiple satisfactions.

HaleyOrlando See my TER Reviews 4773 reads
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I have great friends who give me the perfect amount of attention without pressuring me for more. When I have time we share a meal and conversation. The long term friends do feel much more like a date but they always go home. I do feel the friendship is mutual and very rewarding for me.

Someone told me a long time ago a man pays a lady to leave and I thought how true his perception.  How many men would want to deal with the everyday undertakings of the ladies they see. We are all on our best behavior when we see you but believe me we are just women dressed to impress with our own problems. You don't need to listen to all that and get the best possible time with no headaches.

Kisses Haley

Naomi_Sweets See my TER Reviews 3355 reads
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Older men are much more appreciative and responsive to my personality and my affectionate attention.   I like to kiss, touch and just take my time with everything,  I want to enjoy myself as much as you enjoy yourself.  Older gents have a better appreciation of that then the younger ones do.

I have found the older guys are usually more romantic than the younger ones, its the older ones who will have wine chilling when I arrive at an evening outcall or want to give me a massage.   I love you older guys, everything about you, personalities, the touches, and so forth.

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