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alexis amore provides and sienna west doesnt?
frankiev951 7648 reads
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so i was browsing the board and saw the top 5 repeat pse thread and at the top of someones list was alexis amore.i saw her listed on seems to not be up anymore) years ago and then the next week she wasnt on the was a coincidence cuz i had just seen on her site that she doesnt escort so it says dont ask.

anyway im a big fan and am very interested in seeing her.whats her site for escorting and contact info?also does she let you take pics/film?any help would be for sienna west i saw her listed on demi delias site not that long ago and recently saw on her myspace she said she doesnt escort so dont ask her,so i checked demis site and demi is the only one listed sienna just saying ths on myspace because she doesnt want a bunch of questions on there?anybody know?

haya1300 38 Reviews 2545 reads
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Sienna West just had  review go up on the LA review section, check it out.

As for Alexis, if she is available, its probably UTR.  PM those that had her on a list, they will have a better answer for you, but I am sure it wont be cheap.


big78 119 Reviews 2293 reads
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It was my list that she was at the top of, as well as a few others. Unfortunately for all, she no longer actively provides.

She does post here occasionally to invite guys to meet her at clubs she features at. Some have found her to very friendly once she meets them in person :-)



frankiev951 3213 reads
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thanks for the info guys!siennas one of my favorite pornstars.i think its odd that alot of girls deny doing privates.i would think they would want more fans to know so theyd get more bookings.but then again they might not want friends and family to know even though theyre gonna check out that review in a bit after i have a danish.mmm.danish.good deal at costco get a whole cardboard thing filled with at least 9 of them for 6 bucks.

CarltonS 18 Reviews 2993 reads
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I just read the SIenna West review.  $1200 and only offers CBJ?  What gives with that?

fasteddie51 2498 reads
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I think a lot of PSE hobbyists have a false idea about how many people are aware of our hobby.  As hard as it might be to believe, we're a fairly small community; probably only one out of 20 porn fans, if that, know that their ATF's escort, and I'd guess even less know about sites like this one.  Kathy Willets has told me that a very small percentage of her clients are aware of TER.

In fact, one of the kicks I get from seeing pornstars is that I know there are guys who are going to see them feature dance and dropping $1000 or more getting lap dances in the VIP room, and for about the same bucks I got to do what those fans were only fantasizing about while she was sitting in his lap :-)

And while the PSE's friends and family MIGHT know that she does porn, most probably don't know that she escorts, hence the denial on her website.  I've seen countless posts about pornstars that I've been with that state: "She's a very good friend of mine and I know for a FACT she isn't available".  I always smile and think - "Then I wonder who that was sucking my cock the other night"? lol

I've seen pornstars who are in NYC specifically to escort go on Howard Stern and deny that they do.  Roxy Jezel was just on Playboy Radio and told Christy Canyon that she might CONSIDER escorting, while she's advertised openly on Body Miracle.

We're a lucky bunch of guys who are among the (relatively) few that know about the PSE.

Michaelson 2571 reads
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And all the more reason to directly ask these women in private what their true status is, no matter who says they're unavailable. Because as we all know, such statements, even from close friends, can't always be trusted.

-- Modified on 12/19/2007 1:53:30 PM

fasteddie51 2377 reads
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If you think about it, it stands to reason that a close friend would probably be the LAST person she'd want to know about her escorting unless that friend was also a pornstar.

soflaguy44 34 Reviews 2108 reads
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That's why whenever we see a post that says; "she's a very good friend of mine and I can tell you that she absolutely DOES NOT...." I tend to discount it and find out for myself.  Nobody is going to tell friends if they do see their fans.

Celticlord36 7 Reviews 2107 reads
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Well, I see Sienna West posting on Eros.Com in Los Angeles - xxx Stars section, or you can go to her own web site . I haven't emailed but it says that she Escorts.

Michaelson 2552 reads
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Alexis is in the portfolio, so perhaps she actually is available.

DemiDelia See my TER Reviews 1584 reads
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