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Nuru (Body Slide) Massage
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Someone posted yesterday about Nuru massage. I've now become a bit obsessed with getting one. Anyone have any recommendations for San Deigo or SoCal locations or providers?

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There are some good options in So Cal.  Its a fantastic experience when done right.  Nirvana and Isis both offer nuru I believe.  Veronica45 and Mestiza - active on other boards - also offer nuru.  One of the Asian agencies occasionally has a provider in town who will specialize in nuru massage as well.  Up in the LA area there are other options, which I have not tried but which look very interesting.  Mynurubliss and Pamela Balian are both highly recommended.  You could also go on Backpage and use nuru in a keyword search - lots of interesting results!

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Among other things, this is one of the forms of massage that I'm trained in. I have strong legs and 40F breast size which makes this body to body massage an erotic experience to say the least.  

XXX's Summer of the Chicken Ranch

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ello Latlov22

I was glad to read about your new found obsession for the Nuru massage.

Its quite tantalizing and there's nothing like it, when done with the right person.  

I have plans to visit San Deigo in August.  Please check out my website  

for more details and let's go Coo, Coo for Nuru!

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