Anyone heard of this agency www.solodivas.mx?
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I saw a provider named Lizetth a long time ago from an agency that was solodivas.COM.MX.  I had a great experience with Lizetth at that time.  However, now that website with the solodivas.com.mx with the .com in the middle does not exist and now is just www.solodivas.mx.  

A couple of their girls are smoken hot!  And the price is amazing as well.  I wanted to know if anyone has had experience with this agency, or has heard anything about them?  Is this agency the same as the solodivas.com.mx?  Or are they just piggy backing off of that agency's url?  The phone numbers are different as well from the one's that have reviews on TER, and when I called them last to set up an appointment with Lizetth.  

Just curious to know if anyone heard anything about them.  Any help would be appreciated.  THanks!

SmegmaJones 30 Reviews 4692 reads
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Please post any follow up info you get here.  I travel to Mexicalli about once a year and if I'm traveling with someone I can't swing down to TJ on the way in/out of SD.  I know getting action at the clubs is available, but it would be nice to have something lined up ahead of time with a reputable agency.


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The guy that was helping these chicas contacted me a few years ago and offered to help me...so I think the management is different.  They always had nice looking chicas before and apparently they do now as well.

Most of the chicas were not GFE but some were.   At first some offered it, but they actually did not know what GFE was...I think it is likely you would get GFE if that is what they advertise now.

Best of luck.

Burt2010 9 Reviews 7039 reads
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I hope the new URL means the Solo Diva escort agency is under new ownership and management--with honest practices.  However, the blurred faces makes me fear the agency is playing the same games they played in the bad old days.

Back when Lizetth was one of the "divas" the Solo Divas escort agency had a major problem with deceptive advertising.  They advertised GFE sessions but most of the time most of their escorts would only provide a CBJ instead of the BBBJ that, by definition, is part of a GFE.

I would be very careful to discuss EVERYTHING with the agency when booking a date and let them know:
1.  You don't pay until the date ends.
2.  You're going to send the chica packing without payment if she fails to perform as advertised/promised.

If Solo Divas won't agree to these terms it's probably because they're still engaging in deceptive advertising.  Go elsewhere if they won't accept the above terms--and promise you a GFE (that includes a BBBJ).

If the girl fails to deliver as advertised/promised kick her to the curb ASAP.   And don't pay until the date reaches a--successful--conclusion.  

Finally, if you do book a date with Solo Divas have a backup plan.  (Carrying the phone number of an agency--like Mexico Lindo Bar--that has an earned reputation for putting together dates fast when Plan A has gone south would be prudent.)


Here's the definition of a GFE.  Make sure this is what Solo Divas guarantees their escorts provide:
--Sexual intercourse using a condom in all the standard position: missionary, doggie, cowgirl, etc.
--BBBJ, fellatio without a condom
--DFK, deep French kissing (tongue kissing) not a peck on the lips
--DATY, cunnilingus
--MSOG (multiple shots on goal) the session ends with the contracted time is up, not when you "pop"

Note:  A GFE is different than a PSE.  A GFE does not include anal sex, a CIM, photos, etc.

As I said, in the bad old days this is what Solo Divas promised.  But didn't deliver.

johnlcalifornia 5124 reads
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Are you a sale manager working for Mexico Lindo Bar agency? Regardless of the Solo Divas services, most your postings are about promoting mlb.

bigperrodog 8 Reviews 2891 reads
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I have used this agency before but they don't keep the ladies for a long time. it's a hit and miss with them. My last two session with them they send in another ladie because the requested one was not  free even though I had an appotinment. you are better off hanging out at hong kong or adelitas clubs. it a lot more fun than waithing for them to meet you at the golden arches.

Burt2010 9 Reviews 2474 reads
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I'm glad to hear others report what I've posted many times about Solo Divas.  Such as:
--It engages in bait-and-switch
--Their escorts don't provide a GFE session (they substitute a cbj for a bbbj)

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