San Diego

traveling to Boston this summer
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I love San Diego but I like the New England Area. I have some friends in college there. Does anyone know of good hotels to host there? PM if you wish.

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I had lots of fun a couple years ago but im hearing things have changed.
I will take your word for it miss  frenchie rose! Have a safe trip back to cali.

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Boston hotels are indeed expensive but I can surely guarantee that staying in the Financial District will be a good return on investment for you. Boston has good and bad parts and hardly anything in between. Cambridge (Harvard and MIT area) is pleasant but it's mainly a college town so clientele will be almost non-existent.

I had a friend who while she was there, a guy posed as a cop and did a damn good job. Other than that imposter, I've heard LE is pretty stringent there so be careful.

Other than that, make sure you try their cannolis! :)

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