Porn Star TS Jennifer Has HIV, Latest Adult Case
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I just heard that a TS pornstar named "Jennifer" has just tested positive for the HIV virus.  "She" is the latest victim of this epidemic that has struck the industry.  She is not linked to the two GG's and the guy that were recently tsted positive and linked together.  I do not know who Jennifer is, so if any one out there has any info on her, please post a link.  She may reside here in SoCal, so I would like to inform everyone because she more than likely escorted somewhere.  Please post a link if you have one, thanks.  

LATenFour, PM me, I just had the best session ever!!!!!!

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Here's a link to the story, with her picture.  They say she had reportedly worked as an escort, in NY and perhaps LA

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Thank you so much for your information, I was a little freaked because there a a few girls with that name. I was always safe however it is still frightening. It has been two years since I last dabbeled. Married now and would never risk someone elses health for pleasure. Be safe and have a blast.

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This is so sad.  With medicine improving, AIDS may not be the immediate death sentence it one was but to keep hearing about more and more performers becomming's tragic.  I know that as a fan of many types of porn, I hate to see them using condoms, it takes away from the act as it does in real life but I think we as consumers that purchase porn need to let these movie makers understand, I would rather see my favorite actors / actresses with condoms than not at all.  Think about it, you hook up with someone at a bar, even someone you may know a little bit, are you going to use a condom?  I would.  These porn actors and actresses are having sex with multiple partners within the industry and the industry seems to be pushing for no condoms.  I have even noticed more of the internal cumshot movies coming out, yes it is hot but GOD that is risky, I would do without them being available to know my favorite stars are healthy.

Thanks for reading my rambling post

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First of all,In lieu of all of this, we musn't forget the tragicness and misfortune of this awful event. My prayers and greatest amount of sincere sympathy goes out to Jennifer,and all of the people directly or indirectly conected with her.  I actually was the main feature in the movie you guys are referring to. Anabolic Productions,A straight only well known company, went out on a limb and decided to start a line of TS porn. When I was approached by Anabolic, I was reluctant, yet I knew from past experience,that as long as the other talent's results were present on set and updated within the past 48 hours,that we should be all good.I guess not. I shot 3 scenes with them,and cast my ex-boyfriend,Dex,as seen in over 30 Devil's Films Tranny movies. Dex and I ,unfortunately, didnt do a scene together, however,I had the pleasure of working with Chance Caldwell & Roxy in one scene, and the first scene I shot was with Jagger & Scarlett O'Whora. *** FOR THE RECORD... MY 3 SCENES WERE ALL DONE AND WRAPPED UP 2 WEEKS BEFORE ANABOLIC BROUGHT "JENIFER" INTO THE MOVIE***... As far as I can say, is that is way too close to home, and you wont be seeing me in anymore Cream pie, cum digesting, or even bareback pornos ever again. So soak up as much of this one when you can, I even finally top a girl in one scene, she's the notorious Roxy, and trust me, Kayla gives that little brat all 8.5 inches!  Its smokin! Anyways, All I can say or suggest, Is to always assume the worst case scenario when it pertains to unprotected sex.. Especially with a commercial sex worker... Xoxoxoxox                                    Kayla Coxx

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