Re: Reason for Alias
IanMcKee73 76 Reviews 648 reads
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worth the time and effort.

JuliasLittleSecret See my TER Reviews 485 reads
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Marley has a great reputation and has been reviewed by some of the most seasoned TER gentlemen.  If you have specific questions about her, you may want to PM them directly, but she is definitely recommended...and very recently recommended.

Roadshow2 30 Reviews 756 reads
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Dude,  you want advice?  I will give you advice.  See any of the ladies who post on this board.  They are experts in gun safety.  They will even help you improve your marksmenship.  

And that is a Roadie Guarentee.  

But that there Marley girl looks like she will show you how to do a quick reload.  There is no reason to be 'gun shy'. Just stick with quality,  you get what ya pay for. And remember, its by the hour.

Marie69 See my TER Reviews 456 reads
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There are providers who post who aren't on the up and up. Just because a gal posts, it doesn't make her a good, trustworthy provider

mistressjessica 667 reads
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a few thougths for you..
1st. what is she going to do to you?
She got what she wanted from you which is all she wanted!
I can gurantee you that she has screwed so many folks.
She does not stand a chance at the end of the day.
and she knows that as well. Why do you think she keeps changing her name and moving around.
She does not give a damn if you are seeing others.. So no alias is needed..

I also agree with Squirrel.. she is right, just because a lady post on the board does not mean she is on the up and up.. There are lots of folks here who can be your friends and who will give you good advice. but you have to do your part as well.......

I know you are gun shy. Learn from your mistakes, Don't let it ruin you, do your homework and listen to those that are reliable and trust worthy....

mistressjessica 376 reads
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There are many, many good, educated, smart men here who have been taken advantage of because they are nice guys and want to believe the best about who they are spending time with.

You are not the first and you won't be the last..

If it makes you feel better.. I have been taken advantage of too becuase I am trusting..
It happens to all of us at one time or another.. It makes you human

royseg0285 38 Reviews 382 reads
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Marley is a goddess!  Perfect blonde beauty!

Roadshow2 30 Reviews 354 reads
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Well Miss Squirrel you got a point.  I dont always think about that.  You for one I would trust implicitly.  I am probably thinking the ones that post here on the Carolina board more recently cause I could rattle of a dozen handles on here that I would bet on as being good decent ladies.  

But I stand corrected.

Marie69 See my TER Reviews 458 reads
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"Sometimes people do things that just don't make no sense"

Why rip people off when you can just have a great time with some great people and get all your bills payed while you do it?

It makes no sense to me TSparky

Posted By: TSparky
Life is like a box of chocolates,,,,,,,,,, sometimes you never know what you are going to get !

So move on and play.  The week I got burned, I went back & saw a best friend :)  So get out of the FUNK !

This is all just a movie, isn't it ?  The ending is up to you.  You decide who to include in the scene.  Sometimes it turns out to be a bummer.  Other times, it is a barn burner................... which keeps you coming back.  

So today was a question mark, but Monday was the barn burner,,,,,,,,,,,,  I'll remember Monday, and more than likely forget today.  

Thanks for Monday Jas !!!

scron 49 Reviews 429 reads
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She is pretty, but can be cold. Habit of being late. Message me for more info

Roadshow2 30 Reviews 348 reads
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scbeachcomber 3 Reviews 1127 reads
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I have seen her by herself and with other ladies, and I have always had fun. She is a beautiful lady and you will have a great time.

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