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Eva Angelina, Shyla Stylez, Angel Dark in London
boneboybob 32 Reviews 2801 reads
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Those pics of Shyla are from LA Direct with the watermark scrubbed off.

And Eddie says Eva Angelina isn't a PSE here...

I'd proceed with caution.

archaeot 2652 reads
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Four things about this:

1. Women in the industry will lie right to their fans faces and say they're not escorting when they're listed on the front page of an escort website. So asking them if they're available isn't always the best course of action.

2. Eddie has been wrong at least once about a very well known, yet UTR, woman in the industry.

3. Photogirls has had questionable behavior in the past, I say questionable because in the past they have been known to pull a bait and switch with some of their women. So with that caveat out of the way, the only way to be sure Eva is actually available is to check around.

4. The big name adult stars on photogirls are also available (except Eva) on Alluring-escorts, which is a pretty reliable agency. So you can check with them if you're interested.

-- Modified on 2/1/2007 9:46:57 AM

ehy5rth 3305 reads
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don't think eva is available as well.
(has a boyfriend)

Toplz4evr 42 Reviews 2998 reads
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I could not find any review on Eva.  Has anyone had the pleasure?

fasteddie51 3926 reads
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I've been wrong more than once, I'm sure.  That's why you'll ususally see my say "I don't BELIEVE she's available".  When I say I don't believe a certain girl is available, it's based on the information I have, which not to brag, is pretty extensive.  So if the girl in question isn't on any of the VIP sections of an agency and I haven't heard her name mentioned by industry people I know who are privy to these things, then my assumption is that she's probably not in play.

But also remember that a girl who wasn't available last week might be now.  The downturn in the adult industry has made escorting a more attractive "side-job" to women who are working 1/3 as much as they were last year.

Personally, I believe that just about every pornstar is available at the right time, the right place, and the right price.

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tonyrocc 13 Reviews 3196 reads
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Eva was going to be in London for that week.
Circumstantial evidence     . Wow Angel Dark, my god if she is available I might fly over there.

DollarsandSense 5119 reads
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She is on her way to London and is avaialble through that web sight. She'll be there for 3 weeks.

boobman_uk 12 Reviews 2175 reads
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Well, if I win the UK lottery this weekend I know where some of the money wil go :)

covermeigi 2690 reads
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Checking out their portfolio.  Jenny's picutes are blurred pictures of Sophia Rossi.  And Pammy of Birmingham is a blurred picture of Angel Cassidy.

Catatonic 76 Reviews 2542 reads
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...they can provide much of what they say but they are not averse to the odd bait and switch.

The lady who runs it has done some porn herself. Her name is Kirsten Helsbourg and she is/was married to the male pornstar Omar.

A number of those ladies are now listed on other more reliable sites here in the UK so I assume that they have a contact who is providing girls to London agencies when they are over here for filming.

Lesley Zen and Shyler Stylez were certainly over here just weeks ago.

I would believe most of it but would not use the agency again. Kirsten has messed me around too much in the past.

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