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Re: I'm an ass and legs guy!
TTboy 1942 reads
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Just a question to some hobbiest as to what part of the body you like?  Personally, I love breast augmentations.

Spartacus 6 Reviews 2066 reads
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Lifebythehorns 28 Reviews 1625 reads
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I'm with Spartacus 100%!  Breasts are what they are, big or small, and I could care less if they're augmented or not.  But great legs, a nice butt leading to a great back---oh yeah!

kim 1971 reads
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A nice butt never hurt personally - i find a mans mouth and hands very sexy ....hmmmmm LOL wonder why! -kim xoxoxoxxo Now if we are talking women, for me its the whole package! ops...did i type that? LOLRelated link:  http://www, by kim at Sun, Apr 08, 2001, 20:01:27

ddhunter 229 Reviews 1772 reads
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The Double D Hunter loves the 8th and 9th Wonders of the World. Natural or not, my favorites are the Cleavage Queens. LV and LA are the best places to hunt for the DD Trophy Boobs Safari.The Hunt Continues..DD The Great White Hooter Hunter

Meghan 1914 reads
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::bends over::   Knew you would like that!!!!!!!

Falcon 2094 reads
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I guess I'm weird, but I don't fixate on a particular feature.  I like the whole package to fit together well.  I don't like DD breasts on a petite women, for instance, I'd rather see C's.Falcon

Top 23 Reviews 1739 reads
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nothing like a nice set of legs to watch and a great ass to rub!! Boobs are just 'speed bumps' on the way to the real fun!!--modified by Top at Mon, Apr 09, 2001, 09:28:33

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Hello Falcon,It's great to see that you made it to this Board.  In order to see your posts go up immediately, you must register your name.. If your name is not registered, your posts go directly to me for review, which can take some time to go up on the Board. It basically goes up when I have time to look at it, sorry :( Once your name is registered, your first post will go directly to me once again. But once I review it and this post goes on the board, your posts will forever go up immediately without review. Thanks, and I hope to see your posts again soon. -Vegas Moderator

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