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I currently have 10 ...
sympathyforthedevil 53 Reviews 1253 reads
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Do most hobbyist use this a a bucket list so you don't forget to see someone in the future or as a reminder of ladies you've seen and want to see again. I currently have 23 on my list (after deleting several) and was curious what number of providers others have on their list.

SonnyNC 26 Reviews 164 reads
2 / 10

There are probably 10-15 ladies that are at the top of my "to do" list ;)
As far as bucket lists go i'll be able to mark off "porn star" soon

HookerCops 231 reads
3 / 10

... and I use it more as a bucket list. I only have 1 lady on my list that I've seen, I usually delete them after we meet.

HookerCops 104 reads
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... I have 2 that could stand to lose 20lbs or so. However, they are there for some specific services they offer so it's not as important to me in that case.

hiddenhills 138 Reviews 114 reads
6 / 10

I tried it when I first found TER, but after awhile, I just prefer to wing it. BTW, HC got any fat bitches on your bucket list?

harborview 10 Reviews 88 reads
7 / 10

I have no intention of seeing everyone on my TER Favorites list.  I use it as a tool, to save research in the memo box for gals in my area.  It takes quite a bit of time to do proper research, which I can easily summarize.  

Johnnywilde 166 Reviews 89 reads
8 / 10

I updated my list yesterday. Ladies I have seen and will see again as well as a wish list of ones I have not seen yet. eom

Justin_Beaver 102 reads
9 / 10
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