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I used to think the term provider or BBW was the most absurd euphemism in this hobby, but a few ladies are now marketing themselves as "Entrepreneurs".

What are some of the OTHER most funny, or absurd euphemisms in the hobby these days?

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I used to think the term provider or BBW was the most absurd euphemism in this hobby, but a few ladies are now marketing themselves as "Entrepreneurs".

What are some of the OTHER most funny, or absurd euphemisms in the hobby these days?

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Some of us ARE entrepreneurs with ambitions outside of the hobby!  :)   xoxo

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how about GL4P ( grandpa looking for pussy )....just a thought!!!

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One of these days when our paths [ and other things] finally cross and I've completely ravished you , I'll explain why I like the euphemism "hobbyist".

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Hobbyist is probably the best choice of words for what us guys do with providers.

I'll give you an example here...

I play golf at least 3 times a week, but I am NOT a pro. I play golf for fun and to socialize with the golf buddies (yes, there are a few females). I do not make money off golfing.

Therefore, I call myself a 'golfer'. Not a golf pro.

Using the same analogy with us guys being with a provider. I do this for fun and socialize with the fine ladies that I do meet. I don't make money off of this.

Therefore, me being called a 'hobbyist' is the best word to describe me.


Posted By: London Rayne
Posted By: -(.)(.)
I used to think the term provider or BBW was the most absurd euphemism in this hobby, but a few ladies are now marketing themselves as "Entrepreneurs".

What are some of the OTHER most funny, or absurd euphemisms in the hobby these days?

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A hobby horse is one of those horses that also serves as a rocker, but, I like your thinking!

Now I have to go to the hotel bar because they don't have TNT in the rooms, seriously?!  Guess I'll be rocking my own horse tonight!

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by definition..a hobbyist is one who pursues a particular hobby..like a computer hobbyist..we are simply pussy hobbyists..we pursue pussy..and we enjoy it..

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who pay to fk women. Provider is also a dumb word to describe hookers...too clinical don't ya think? I play tennis so I am tennis player, not a hobbyist. I drink socially so I am a social drinker, not a hobbyist. It just makes zero sense and from the first time I heard the word, I literally laughed out loud. "Whoreist" makes much more sense.

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The first time I met a guy who was a grandpa that was only 36 years old I couldn't believe it.  But it was indeed true.

And just think, if the family kept at that pace he was going to be a great grandpa at 54.

And there's some gals here that are grandma's in their 30's as well...and some are very very hot :)

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The third group of definitions  was sort of what I expected:

1. A female of loose virtue and even looser undergarments, a woman who is 'easy to get', a lady who uses sex as a means of earning legal tender. See Prostitute, loose woman, and strumpet.

(Derived from def. I, 'a toy horse', she can be 'ridden' by all)
"And Yung Matthais riden oot to Banbery Cross atop his Hobbi-Horse sted..."
John of Ingelwit, 1503

"Almost every person hath some Hobby Horse or other wherein he prides himself"
Sir Matthew Hale-1676

"Nay, if you come to that, Sir, have not the wisest of men in all ages, not excepting Solomon himself- have they not their Hobby Horses..."
Laurence Sterne-1760

Definition 5 was new to me and "takes the cake" in my book:
when you stick panties in a girls ass (like a horse tail) and use another pair around her neck like reins (for choking) and then go at it doggy style.

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Yea... everyone already knows this.


Posted By: London Rayne

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Much better than that horrible term, "Trick". A trick is not even human, it s a deception. I really dislike the term "Trick". "Hobbyist", and "client" aren't very descriptive and have meanings outside this game. "Whore monger" is a better for a pimp than the customer as a monger sells stuff, not buys it. "John" is a real name and has other meanings like a toilet thus not a good fit but well used. "Punter" isn't that hot ether as I don't "punt" anything when I pay for sex. "Whorist" is the best term going in. Any term is better than "trick", even "fat f*ck that pays" is better.

*I am not complaining about your spelling. I can't spell worth shit, and your posts use much better spelling and grammar than mine. I was just pointing out the correct spelling as it is often misspelled on the boards.

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I have several friends who are top rated providers and they are serious business women who run their business like any Fortune 500 company. They are concerned about Marketing, Advertising, Expenses, Customer Relations, Pricing and the all important P&L.  One friend of mine can go to her online data base and pull up a spreadsheet in minutes that will give her a breakdown of her last tour trip to see what her expenses and income were and what it the most profitable appointment length.

Remember that this is a business and the smart ladies treat as such....and for the most part they are very successful at it. Now I also know some providers that keep their money in a shoe box and could not produce a receipt for an expense if her life depended on it and they generally struggle to make ends meet.....But make no mistake that the vast majority of the women that I have met in this business are very savy business women and entrepreneurs!!!

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So I guess in his mind, his new term for hobbyist only leaves out 0.1% :)

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First of all I agree that an independent escort is definitely an entrepreneur.

As for all the people complaining about the "hobbyist" and "provider" terms, sure everyone is entitled to their opinions and there are a lot of other names they can be called, but these terms actually do fit very well.

From the Oxford dictionary:
Provider: "A person or thing that provides something"
Hobbyist: "A person who pursues a particular hobby."
Hobby: "An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure."

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When you have the hobby of stamp collecting, you call yourself a stamp collector NOT a hobbyist...same with any other "hobby" your partake in. It does not put the emphasis on paying for sex like "whorist" does. It is too broad of a term to be defined in this aspect, and makes zero sense to me. If that's the case, every single thing you do makes you a hobbyist, not just p4p. "Provider" is a term widely known in Healthcare to describe the physician or insurance company, but hookers? LOL.

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