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Jesus, I was just kidding & you resort to personal attacks
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Life is just a fantasy.

Posted By: slambang
LIFE is a game...a rigged game, all designed to keep the little guy little.

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Life is a game, apparently I won't be participating in the game that you dish out. You are a feminist, and you provide. That right there is something that you want to consider.

You need something that you enjoy. Perhaps you should get a job in the nonprofit organization that you like. Those jobs always brings satisfaction to the person working there because it has a cause.

Hey, trilling is what trifling does. Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna get. Escorting is like that. Girl, just roll out of here without causing a scene, please do yourself that favor at least.

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LIFE is a game...a rigged game, all designed to keep the little guy little.

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so are u and every other man on this site! and so is this site & every other review site out there. u guys are cheaters and then u come to sites like these to praise or ridicule an act that u probably vowed not do all under ur assumed name and yet theres is no place for the providers to review back or say why she wasnt into it with mister x and his body odord thigh warted self. u are not only dumb but pathetically dumb! and go ahead & report me cause i only joined this site to see what was inside and trust me everyone of u are pathetically dumb. u have the nerve to judge/review others & have u looked at urself lately? do u really have room to be critiquing someone who participated with u in an act that most of u vowed not to do. that in itself shows are the most pathetic creatures around. Besides all u guys want discretion &  then u turn around in ur holy-er than thou, self-righteous way spew ur hippocrital proclamations.

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Don't blame the men you gave lousy service to for pointing it out...you're a hooker, so welcome to the game. No one is "keeping you down" honey...except yourself. Have some work done, provide better service or go work at Wal Mart. EVERY business you work in has the right to grade your performance so unless you plan on being a stay at home mom who has a man to take care of you, you better get used to it.

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Are you gonna condemn all hobbyists on this board & site because you got a bad review ?! Is that our fault ?!

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all you've got. It's survival of the fittest at best.
It had little to no bearing on whether you're "the little guy" or the the guy.
See, I'm from Alabama so it can be done with perserverence, determination and resilience.
Never ever give up.

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3 reviews and no performance score above 5.  That speaks volumes esp with the difference in time between the last two.  

Lady, if you're gonna slam us like you did, you should have the necessary ratings to back it up, and you don't.  So, either do like London suggested, improve your service, or find another line of work, because at the rate you're going, you won't survive very much longer in this avocation.  Kinda surprised you made it this far actually.


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Not many reviews on BDSM providers.  So this is a perfect fit for you.  You can be total crap and no one will really ever know...unless you tell them..oopss you seem to have a propensity for telling all!

And guys will be lined up for the old, fat and ugly fetish.  Sell the deal and maybe you can afford to get that next fix a little sooner so you won't be so cranky.

And generally BDSM doesn't require any sex acts.  This is right up your alley.  You can just charge to have a guy listen to you babble for an hour about nothing.

My apologies to those gals that are ProDommes...I know how hard you ladies work at your craft.  This gal won't last long.

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All your reviews are 4-5 with one 8 as the suspect review.  Perhaps you should forget providing because from your reviews I'd say your no good at it, and you just effectively turned any guy here against you, Bravo business should be picking up now

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I do agree that life is a game but It's certainly not rigged. Not sure why the comment exactly, but I do know you have to enjoy what you do to do well in whatever that may be;)

Life is a bitch sometimes but we gotta learn how to go with the flow while learning from our mistakes! Can I get an amen! Lol

We are all sinners baby!

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I started with less then nothing, lets just say I am now somewhat retired (not by choice) at the young age of 38 with no money issues. In fact even though I am medically forced into a  retired like state (for now) I still make more than 98% of Americans. Life didn't keep me down.

Life will give you what you put into it and strive for. Most people are lazy and do not do what is required to change ones lot in life. In my 20s I was dumpster diving, and now I have a maid to pick up after me. This game is not rigged to suppress people. People have rigged themselves to keep themselves where they are.

Trust me there is nothing I did that others can't do. There is nothing special about me. I am not the smartest, strongest, fastest, most clever, most educated, nor most social person out there, yet I have moved way up the food chain. I just had a plan, took some risks, and worked like a dog for everything I have. I paid for it in blood, sweet, and tears. That is the way to quit being the little guy and being the person others envy.

Life is not rigged. People are. Quit telling yourself that you are the little guy and you will be shocked on how the outcome changes.

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Life isn't what I'd describe as a game. Life is what you make of it. Be a positive person and surround yourself with positive people. I hope today is a better day for you. (((HUG)))

Oh, and I really don't see why people are piling negativity on this poor lady. She obviously is working through some issues.

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Acts as if she has been victimized

Posted By: MacyMadison
Life isn't what I'd describe as a game. Life is what you make of it. Be a positive person and surround yourself with positive people. I hope today is a better day for you. (((HUG)))

Oh, and I really don't see why people are piling negativity on this poor lady. She obviously is working through some issues.
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We don't have to "deal" with her issues. In fact, I don't find the reading of a post on any discussion board to be too much skin off my back since I made a conscious choice to read it. I guess my point was that, she does have "issues", and while the vast majority of us do not agree with her views, certainly myself included, she doesn't need commentary from Captain Mofo Obvious. She likely needs Jesus or therapy, and I hope she finds the happiness she desires.


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I think she pities herself more than hobbyists, in general. I wouldn't take it any more personally than I do when some guys talk down about us "professional" ladies in a derogatory manner. Sticks and stones...you know the rest.


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Even the great depression didn't last forever. This economy is bad but it can be over come with a plan and effort. People are still opening business and making them go, growth is just slower at this time. One thing is for sure people that make excuses don't climb the ladder, they get washed away in a flood of their own doubt. There is always a way to better where you stand as long as you are free and healthy. I honestly believe that and not all the lame excuses I hear from those who don't try. So no I don't by that at all. It sound like the crap people told me why I could not climb out of the gutter, it is only true is you believe it.

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to the PR board. I would hate to have to spell out why I added the word "free" in my last post. :(

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You have to admit that in current economic climate upward mobility in american society has been greatly diminished.


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Possibly my favorite post ever. I hope you plan a trip to Tampa or Orlando, Florida soon. I would love to meet you based off of this alone.

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And working my ass off (literally if you check my new pics lol) to get it successful.

that said, the entire premise of upward mobility is in danger with current political climate. Just my opinion.


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May be.  

Boards were started by men and primarily are designed for men.  Eventually they evolved into co-ed venues of dialog in addition to being purely review sites. Some review sites are more provider friendly than others of course.

Every provider on the boards (if they are smart) develops a certain persona which they think will help them to be successful. For some it is "sweet girl next door", for others it is "resident bitch on wheels", for third it is "nymphomaniac on the loose".  

A lot of newbie ladies do not realize that what they say in their board posts often affects how well they do, or simply incapable of walking the fine line between being sincere in their board posts and maintaining desired marketing objectives.  Couple of trainwrecks later they learn to pick their battles.

Not everyone can and should be in this line of work.  OP obviously is someone who should never participate in p4p.


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Thanks! I'll see what I can do with my tour schedule. Until then, *nom nom kiss kiss*

Posted By: cantseeddp
Possibly my favorite post ever. I hope you plan a trip to Tampa or Orlando, Florida soon. I would love to meet you based off of this alone.

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should not bad mouth their customers to their face even if it is sometimes well earned for that sake of profitability? It is sad that anyone would need to learn that. But if the OP ever wants repeat customers or even first time ones she need to learn that in a hurry. Maybe if she learns to respect her costumers she may even get a score better than a 5. Something has to be really wrong to get a 5 around here. No way she should provide with her current attitude.

Yes this an most other review sites are slanted to favor the client. That is how it should be. Review sites keep us safe and happy with who we pick. Sites aimed at keeping you ladies safe, are slanted towards you ladies. Hell some of the best ones we can not even access at all. This is how it should be. At least TER lets the ladies read there reviews and advertise for free. That is more than I can say about some other sites.

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