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Re: Angel you crack me up
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The most memorable dates are the ones that do not make me feel like a compensated companion, where I too can let go and enjoy.

Don't lay on my shoulders the failures of other women, I am not them.   Give yourself a chance to have fun too.

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I wish guys could bend over and smell between their legs because they often get the balls and the genital area really good, but then there is this even smellier area further beyond that.

If there was one common problem that seems to come up over and over again, it's this. Not every time, mind you. But more than anything else.

And it's not like you can say anything by the time you got a good whiff, so guys often have no idea it's a problem.

If you want to smell clean, really, really clean (guys and ladies), soak in the tub for at least five minutes... even longer if you have time. I soak for an hour on a regular basis... at least once a week. There's a point where odor builds up in the skin and just a shower isn't enough to get rid of it.

Beyond that, all the things that make a difference for a civvie courtship make a difference with a provider... candles, music, something to drink, dressing nice, etc. Nothing says "I care how you feel" like actually trying to make a woman feel good, and most women, provider or not, will usually really appreciate that.

I will never forget the guy who had tealights all over the hotel room when I came out of the bathroom after freshening up. That was such a nice touch.

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Clearly this doesn't apply to everyone....

However, there are men that I met in the hobby who have grown to be real friends. I think that they think that I don't appreciate them. :-( Maybe they think it's an act? Anyhow, I'd like hobbyists to know that escorts are bad actresses! If it feels like we love you then guess what -- we do!!

Of course the same as always... Shower and use mouth wash.

And, I'd like to add, be safe. The only way that we can play is if you're safe and no one ever finds out. ;)

AdeleTaylor See my TER Reviews 167 reads
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I don't like endless e-mails...Also guys who have bad hygiene is obviously a huge turn off!

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The thing that stresses me the most is when guys want to take the GFE beyond the session and think that she's actually their girlfriend.

It is really sweet and thoughtful when a guy cares to call and say hi, but because of the amount of people we interact with, it   gets overwhelming if 20 guys are doing this at the same time.

The same thing goes with emails.  It's nice to communicate before meeting someone new and get to know them a bit, but if he keeps emailing after the session just to have cyber sex or talk about life, the provider turns into a penpal.  Same thing-- A penpal to one guy might be fun but a penpal to 20 is wayyy overwhelming.

So I guess the advice that id give to guys is for them to just be respectful about how often they contact a girl to talk off the clock.  Book another session if you want to spend time with her.

Most guys are actually awesome and don't over do it with the communication, but about 5% go wayyyy overboard.

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JustCantGetEnough and my ATF (who has stepped away from the hobby) were/are the exceptions.

JillG See my TER Reviews 475 reads
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For example, moving her head backward while you are kissing her, pushing your forehead away from her clit while you eat her, then you are coming on too strong or using too much pressure.  I really try to guide my clients physically to show them what I like, but many of them are unaware of the physical indications.  So, next time a lady is backing away, instead of being more aggressive, try going slower or softer...let her come to YOU.

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Please be discrete when you come to our homes for a visit.  I have had:

1. I guy walking to my house talking very loud on his cell phone.  I could hear him walking on the sidewalk and I am sure all my neighbors could to.

2. A gent get out of his car , open the trunk and change shoes on the street.

3. Please no flowers.  While I really do appreciate your thoughtfulness, having a man come to my house with a flowers is not low profile.  I have had a neighbor ask "who was that old dude bringing you flowers?"  I am sure that plenty of ladies love getting flowers but because of my neighborhood situation, this does not work for me.  

I agree with Kate, a heavy hand or tounge is not always the best.


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I have had guys ask me to visit their hotel in 4" stilettos and a short dress to meet at the hotel bar for a drink before heading up.


Yeah, me towering over you in hooker heels while wearing a dress that barely covers my ass wont attract any attention at all!

OldCountryBoy 154 reads
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I've done that and it is all about attracting attention.  It is an announcement that at least once, this plain, ordinary, overweight, middle aged white guy is nailing your dream girl.  

It is part of the fantasy that they really did meet in the bar and there is no money involved...

mistressjessica 367 reads
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I am not the your dog. Please don't lick my face and NO, I don't want to share your juicy fruit gum and please dear god don't spit your wad of gum out and leave it on my night stand... Gross..

Wipe your ass and clean it/Please double check
and yes. you Have a Belly button it is not a lint or mold saver! Clean it out!

If you can do those simple things we are off to a great start..

Oh, and when I give you directions to my place.. LISTEN TO EVERY DETAIL.. I give good directions in and out of the bedroom!. This will save time and frustration for us both!

Posted By: Michael_Corleone
what bothers you the most ? Quiet , to much bs talk ? Flowers, to many texts mails and or calls ? Tongues coming at you at hello etc ! Is there 1 thing that just gets to you and you want us to know ?? And me not posting is not allowed as an answer !! Get juicy if you wish too.

swnyc 30 Reviews 138 reads
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It just amazes me that you have to dispense advice like that to anyone...  But each seems to be from an actual real experience. Gross!

Mr Salty 82 reads
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pj1964 125 reads
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Seems this is all common sense to me.

As I had mentioned before(and got blasted for it), respect the ladies. Regardless of what they do for a living, show common courtesy and simple respect. It's not too hard.

The examples of thoughtless men that have been shared here is funny, yet sad.

Just like you can't shake a woman's hand as firm as you do a mans hand, you should also be gentle when kissing, DATY, caressing, squeezing breasts and pinching their nips. Do you have any idea as to how many nerves there are going to her nips? And the clitoris. It is the ONLY body part on the female body and the male body whose soul reason to be there is for pleasure. Be gentle, If you treat it well, it will treat you well. Even during 'rough' play, be gently rough.

Duhh and katie have sent mixed signals, or maybe it's just me. One says "we love you" and the other says 'leave the gfe with the envelop.

Flowers? Yes, women like flowers, but these ladies can't have flowers for the reasons described as well as, where would they put them all. LOL!

Good thread/comments.

Posted By: Michael_Corleone
what bothers you the most ? Quiet , to much bs talk ? Flowers, to many texts mails and or calls ? Tongues coming at you at hello etc ! Is there 1 thing that just gets to you and you want us to know ?? And me not posting is not allowed as an answer !! Get juicy if you wish too.

perfectstorm 19 Reviews 103 reads
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You are the female version of McDonald on this board. You and him together would make a hell of a team. :)
By the way, I know you are heading from Boston to Arizona, shortly. If you decide to venture out even farther west, let me know;)

salonpas 109 reads
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I can't count the number of ladies I've seen in the past that have made me feel like a john. So it works both ways!

Justin_Beaver 86 reads
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Angela_Petite2 See my TER Reviews 163 reads
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Getting to know you a few emails and then a phone call always helps get into the meet and take
away the nervousness of seeing a new person for the first time. But text annoys me .

Upon meeting , always great to share a glass of wine . The rest always takes care of itself
I don't kiss N tell lol!


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to my hot waxing of the genitals will be fined, ....................
if youl go thre the torture chabers you get three hours for price of one n half,,,,,,,,, if you so choose to not engage in such dangerous activities like me shaving the shaft your johnson , and waxing very close to the balls,,,,,,,,,,,,               holding sharp scissors close to the nuts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,its ok,,,,,,,,,,, but the appt cost double,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,those willing to be subjected to my experiments in beuty treatments recieve three hours for 500...........rewards for you lettn me use you as my beuty school practice toy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hahahah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i realized i have low prices for people willin tpo subject them selves to my using al my cometology spa supplies i love using,,,,,,its kinda funny,,,,,,,,,, mr fisher is the only nut who has done the actual spa retreat,,,,,,,,,, i was surprised he was very trusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!          oh i need to get that voice recognition software this is just a train wrech, somebody get me a new set of hands dammmit all,,,,,,,,,,,,,

DearMsFantasy 105 reads
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... and bitch as they all may, this response NEVER could have happened until TER changed the rules...

lungman 10 Reviews 120 reads
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I heard mrfisher actually liked it....lol.
Did it take place, before, or after, the other stuff?  (sex).....lol.

crwdplsr2011 2 Reviews 77 reads
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Treating people with respect always leads to a better time for all!!!!!!

perfectstorm 19 Reviews 90 reads
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lungman 10 Reviews 140 reads
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"By the time you get a good wiff"....omg that's funny!!!

lungman 10 Reviews 73 reads
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London Rayne See my TER Reviews 124 reads
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only 3 or 4 lines and guys fk that up! If I say, "Do not contact me until you have read my website" and all I get are, "Can I see you now, what are your rates, you do greek, heya baby where you at?" I am going to flat out tell you to 'FK OFF" lol.

And no, it's not costing me business for being rude because there is no way in hell I am seeing a guy who can't read a 3 line ad. I can promise if he can't even do that right,  he is not going to read a 10 page website with all the info. he needs to know!

Once I agree to see a guy, it's usually very small things that bother me, but the emails and bs leading up to a date are what kills it for me!

Rant over...you're welcome.

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KSM46 33 Reviews 109 reads
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Well said Kate. Guiding us enhances the beauty of the encounter for me as well as for you.

perfectstorm 19 Reviews 172 reads
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Why "shit?" Since I don't know where you are at, I can guess one of two things. "Shit," she is moving too far away from you and you won't be able to see her. Or "shit," she is moving closer to you and you are going to see her too much and go bankrupt.:)

London Rayne See my TER Reviews 61 reads
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Just spit it out before you go down on me lol. Unlike most of the menthol generation who that actually does something for, I like a warm tongue and nothing else to spice up the area...thanks.

lungman 10 Reviews 50 reads
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fallonkelly See my TER Reviews 161 reads
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Do NOT ask me for a discount!  Once those words pass your lips, a steel door within my GFE mind will slam shut and I will never feel the same cuddly, kissy, dick smacking way about you ever again!

Angel that WAS great!

la_princesa See my TER Reviews 88 reads
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-I don't know if this one has been said already-

But...that is HUGE for me. Staying over more than 15 minutes is rude rude rude! Once we have specifically agreed on a set amount of time, it's set ! She has other things going on that day and has set aside a certain time for you. If you feel like you'd like to stay longer, ASK if that's ok. Don't assume she can.
Be mindful of the time. And if you should go over the time, at the VERY least, recognize it, and apologize and make sure it never happens again.
A little respect goes a long, long way, I promise !

-Ugh, one of reasons I am on temporary 'break' from the hobby-

angelexotic See my TER Reviews 84 reads
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i didnt realize it til i was doing it how much trust is involved and he looked so adorable letting me rip his kini area hair out, I was laughing bec use i knew it was gonna kill! he was really tough didnt bother him. I know i get the brazilian and when they rip the hair out near the man in the boat you kweep picturing them accidentally gettn wax on the little guy and havn to rip off and its scary, . I dont wax near the guys privates just his belly and bikini.................oh and i trim hair on chestm amnzing how much sexier it makes a guy look when hes groomed up nice. its worth it. i dont believe in the whole thing about guys beign a metro sexual if they get pamepring spa treatments  i think even honestly the clear polish, my x from marthas vineyard used to get a mani and pedi every week. cleer polish. and hewas masculine, tattooes goatee. huge sexy ridiculous truck the newest one, cant say which. my fav truck though. and he was not gay lookn but i thought it was hot he did the clear lolish, I had another client i got into getn mani and pedi with meand he d go woith the clear and its sexy. who wouldnt want fingers ont hem that are neat and neurotically trimmed  and shiny? its more inviting i think and a turn on, You see a guy with big dirty scary nails and you just pictuire it couldnt be good lettin him touch you bwith them hands all like that. hair also carries bacteria so little less hair is good , always. specially near your nuts and nipples.

angelexotic See my TER Reviews 53 reads
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angelexotic See my TER Reviews 83 reads
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donned on me i was doubling price n rates if people refuse to subject themselves to me trying out all my spa equipment and wax kits and it just struck me as hilarious.

angelexotic See my TER Reviews 88 reads
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to be told to shut the hell and suck .....I am not here to hear about your new nordstorm order you little piggie, now get down and suck daddies balls, before i take back your allowance. hahha! just being perverted. for funs sake. and makn fun of myself i do ramble at appts but i am the type that wouldnt be offended if you said that I d probly like it..............

nahtynikkey See my TER Reviews 58 reads
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Ditto.... especially with DATY. If she is moving AWAY from you, that means you are being too aggressive, NOT that she is enjoying it more, lol. Keep this in mind... the clit has the SAME number of nerve endings as your entire dick, all packed into one tiny space. Now, some ladies may enjoy a lot of pressure, but using your dry fingers to rub away like it's a scratch off ticket is usually not the way to go:)

Posted By: datekate
For example, moving her head backward while you are kissing her, pushing your forehead away from her clit while you eat her, then you are coming on too strong or using too much pressure.  I really try to guide my clients physically to show them what I like, but many of them are unaware of the physical indications.  So, next time a lady is backing away, instead of being more aggressive, try going slower or softer...let her come to YOU.

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