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Redheads all the way! (eom)
lungman 10 Reviews 134 reads
1 / 16

as long as they have a vagina!!
If i had to vote...Blondes.

perfectstorm 19 Reviews 174 reads
2 / 16

Doesn't matter to me. I am pretty picky about other attributes of a woman, and have some pretty specific tastes in a lot of areas, concerning body types and stuff, but hair color is not one of them. I like blondes and brunettes equally. (and redheads too..but I might draw the line at purple or orange hair) One thing I don't like to see is platinum blond hair with black roots. lol. If you are going to dye your hair, learn how to color the roots too! I don't care if it is their real color, or out of a bottle, but it has to look real.

Rug-Munch 181 reads
3 / 16

Have a blonde girlfriend, marry a brunette and fuck a red head?

mrfisher 87 Reviews 188 reads
4 / 16

Red heads, however, are the most frisky.

I would even take Sinead O'Connor if I had a chance.  

The only thing I would like to avoid is a wig, because I like to run my fingers through her hair, and I hate pulling off someone's wig.

I did just that once, and it was a real buzz kill for both of us.

LoboGris 3 Reviews 161 reads
5 / 16
macdaddy1944 51 Reviews 190 reads
6 / 16

it really doesnt make much of a difference to me..as long as their pussy is shaved..im good..i spend most of my time down there anyway..

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macdaddy1944 51 Reviews 173 reads
7 / 16

it really doesnt make much of a difference to me..as long as there i pussy is shaved..im good..i spend most of my time down there anyway..

BoyToy4U 40 Reviews 155 reads
8 / 16

but nothing against blondes, I just prefer dark hair.

swimtrekr 55 Reviews 157 reads
9 / 16

Have seen them all, so as long as they do what I need, what diff does it make what color they choose to make their hair?


czcodger 5 Reviews 163 reads
10 / 16

I also like beautiful, well maintained faces and hair. I like women that use nothing more than soap, skin moisturizer and clear lip balm. Hair color is secondary.

BigPapasan 3 Reviews 267 reads
11 / 16
Niceguy75 35 Reviews 160 reads
12 / 16

Happens to be a brunette. Amongst my favorite providers there are several Blondes, a pair of Redheads and one Raven Haired beauty that puts them all to shame.....and it has nothing to do with the color of her hair.

keystonekid 113 Reviews 142 reads
14 / 16

and appearance in that order. Does she make the date seem real or can I tell she is a bad actress?

pmg7252 48 Reviews 203 reads
15 / 16

Hail color doesn't matter although i find myself attracted to raven haired beauties more. Exception would be Julia who could be bald and i would still want to see her as i love her personality.

ziggy440 84 Reviews 184 reads
16 / 16

My fantasy has always been to see young, tiny blondes, but the ladies I keep seeing are tall, older and dark-haired.

Go figure.


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