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lene hefner
wrrn 2697 reads
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anyone kniow what is up with lene hefner. is she still doing movies, dancing, does she provide.

big78 119 Reviews 3719 reads
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Please include a link and a picture (if available) on all ISO's to ensure that your message gets posted.

TER Porn Star Board Co-Moderator

ZedEx 3160 reads
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She used to provide.  If you don't exclude bad websites you'll find 4 pages of reviews in the TER database.  She was primarily a FBSM provider who apparently for the right price could do more.  Her reviews were quite mixed.  No clue what she's doing now.

bellamodels 2998 reads
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This is a follow up to STUPID QUESTION below...

I just typed in and got her website with her email address ( right on the home page!

shinji 12 Reviews 2988 reads
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Wow that brings back a few memories
My first and worst PSE......

Dont know if i should thank you!

3000GT-VR4 Guy 5 Reviews 2379 reads
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that's just too funny!

ThomasJenkins 8 Reviews 1934 reads
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I bet your sarcasm really helps you draw in business.  I agree with your comments regarding La Direct... but your comments here do not answer the original poster's question.  Other than an email address, Lene's site has no information at all about "what she's doing now" or anything else.   It claims to be "updated soon" yet has a copyright date of 2004.  Given that, I highly doubt the email addy is current (especially being an AOL email).

bellamodels 2857 reads
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I also typed in and got her My Space page! I didn't even have to search My Space to find it. She last logged in on 1/12/2006 so I am sure the email address connected to this is a lot more current than the one on her website that hasn't been updated since 2004.

stwilliams 12 Reviews 3144 reads
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why would anybody use this agency when they post like this on this site?

bellamodels 3087 reads
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I apologize if my post seemed sarcastic but it just seems like the moderators post the same thing over and over again about porn stars websites and My Space pages but not everyone follows their advice. I was just trying to make a point that it is often quite simple to find direct contact information for a porn star without even having to search for it. I have seen so many ISO's go unanswered on this board for porn stars that I know for a fact have websites and My Space pages that are easy to find by just entering their name before .com or after or by searching for them on

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