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Congratulations to Kira !:)
perfectstorm 19 Reviews 783 reads
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Kira Arrogovna just made it into the TER top 100. (top 50 in fact!) I believe she is the first provider from Hawaii to achieve that! Definitely the only one on there currently.

I hope this is not considered a shill post. If it is I guess admin will delete it. I am just happy for her, and happy to see Hawaii in the rankings. It's a great achievement as the Hawaii hobby community is quite small.

scoed 8 Reviews 973 reads
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There a anther "other cities" provider on the top, Norma from London top 10.

tothe 46 Reviews 661 reads
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Good for Hawaii, though.
BTW, whatever happened to Dana Van Damme?

perfectstorm 19 Reviews 724 reads
4 / 4

Thanks scoed! Of course, the fact that she is my fave lady makes me extra proud and happy, but I would be happy to see anyone from hawaii on that list:)

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