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411 on Busty BriAnna
VorBlues 2 Reviews 4519 reads
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Brianna's comming to my town very soon, and I was wondering if anyone had any info on this lovely lady?

Usually, I'm too much of a gentleman to ask for someone's 411.  But there's no reviews in TER.

topof4seasons 2899 reads
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If you was to add 150lbs to her TNT pictures you would be close.

She has put on a lot of weight.  

TOP of the 4 Seasons

Haribo1 6 Reviews 2886 reads
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Try the search function under "Brianna" , ..Pornstars "yes"...and include (!!) bad websites.... then you`ll find something!

Bruce_Wayne 2927 reads
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Looks older than her Pic's but has a great, big rack

siggroup 1 Reviews 2747 reads
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I have tried to confirm an appt with her on several dates.  She always has a reason to cancel.  Good luck if you can see her

trustno20 3050 reads
6 / 7

She's based out of NYC so check the forums there for info.

I just tossed out the magazine where those Eros photos are from. I believe they were posted in Busty Magazine in either 92 or 93. So imagine what 12 years years of aging will do.

The scuttle is that she has definitely added pounds since those photos and she is now over forty. That said, personally I prefer over 35 woman and like them rounder. So BriAnna is definietly high on my list for when I visit NYC.

If you want a centerfold body like the one you see on her photos in Eros. Well, you probably will be disappointed.  Based on other descriptions of her it's doubtful that she is the playmate she once was. But if you approach the whole session with the knowledge that you will be seeing a voluptous woman, I'll bet you'll have a good time.

It's too bad she still markets herself as a centerfold. The reason I say that is because some of her reviews are negative and when you read them it is because the hobbyists felt they were mislead by her Eros ad. It really isn't necessary for her to do that. I say that because there are plenty of guys like me who prefer a more mature bust woman over a skinny flat chested college coed. Different strokes for different folks. I'd bet that if she posted past and current photos, she'd get even more business and her reviews would spike positively.

ritchie 3131 reads
7 / 7

I saw her last year and while she has put on weight since those photos she has not put on 150lbs, more like 50lbs. But she still looks good and since I prefer mature women I enjoyed the session . I will always take a mature provider over a young provider, they seem to have more class and are more laid back and enjoyable. The young ones seem to have an attitude and think they are gods gift to men.

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