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hot natural bush girl in Chicago
Bubbalou312 17 Reviews 1523 reads
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maturin71 10 Reviews 339 reads
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I love the natural look - it gets me so hot! And conversely a shaved kitty can be a turnoff for me. I know I'm a dying breed :(
There's a circle of girls from MN that occasionally come through town (see related thread) but finding a local seems to be tough. People might say that there is a search option on the TER reviews but it is not reliable.
I was lucky enough to see Alana when she happened to feel like letting it go, but I don't think that's a regular thing with her.
How about it ladies? Any Chicago girl out there proud of her bush? And -hope against hope- in the NW burbs?

mschambers See my TER Reviews 543 reads
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Although I normally keep a tidy look I would be happy to leave my bush the next week in order to give you guys this natural look when I visit! Check out my site and email me if you want to set something up in advance. IF there isn't enough interest, my trip will be cancelled so please speak up instead of waiting til last minute :)


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