Don't know, but this board sure is dead!
SquirCha See my TER Reviews 8312 reads
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I wish there was a way to tell approx. How many VIP's using TER are actually visiting Portland regularly or hobby in Portland locally? Any clues to how active TER is in Portland?

tothe 46 Reviews 6256 reads
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New reviews go up fairly regularly, though, so at least some Portland hobbyists must be paying attention to TER.

SquirCha See my TER Reviews 7717 reads
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This is not right Where are you guys? Oh I get it lol NOT IN OREGON

SquirCha See my TER Reviews 9594 reads
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I would love to see some replies from VIP's  come on guys dont make me find a new board

nordman 30 Reviews 8615 reads
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Hey there sweetie! We do exist, but since the board owners split the discussion sections and started the ad section recently, you won't find many public posts or replies on the ad side. Many guys simply respond with private PM.

MSON123 44 Reviews 7987 reads
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In the ranking of Portland boards TER is 3 or lower. But that is not to say that the VIP's here limit themselves just to ter! We are vips on those boards too. What is interesting is just how many wonderful ladies do not participate on ter.

I can understand it because I have seen some friends try to use TER and were frustrated by the rules and the learning curve so they gave up.

booter 12 Reviews 7935 reads
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Not a VIP at the moment, but have been a long time member.

SquirCha See my TER Reviews 8749 reads
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Thanks for the response ;) Would love to see some activity in the Portland Ads ;) thx so much

SquirCha See my TER Reviews 8518 reads
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Nice Wanna meet sometime

Posted By: booter
Not a VIP at the moment, but have been a long time member.

Sean1314 12 Reviews 5890 reads
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I'm here! VIP and all.

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