Annie, Yes. Nikki, definitely not.
DCdaytimer 3903 reads
1 / 13
dmva 6247 reads
2 / 13

I was curious myself. You just took all the curiosity out of me by describing the place like a dungeon. Thanks, man.

Beg2differ 4621 reads
3 / 13

She's a looker....

joelrick 20 Reviews 4715 reads
4 / 13

I have to agree with you on your observations about the locale (and I'm a city resident). But as fro the selection of girls and their offerings, I think they are on par with the price point. The girls who've been reviewed so far have been rated highly. Other than DC, the agency not the city, what other agency has this many girls with tight bodies and plenty of good reviews? Put these girls in better environs and have them loose the tattos, most would happily pay $300 or better for their company.

oasis7042 4 Reviews 4725 reads
5 / 13

When you say you saw the rest of the line up does that include Bambi?

Haven't seen any review for her, can you provide mini? thanks

Posted By: BeeFEater500
I finally decided to give this place a try somewhat motivated by my enjoyable experience seeing Annie at BWI. Here's the short strokes and full review to follow:
-Nikki ain't that hot looking. Pretty face/average body with really disconcerting skin blemishes.
-The location is really scary (and that was on a Saturday PM). I was worried that my car would still be in one piece when I returned. Also streetwalkers and hood rats galore eyeballing you when you arrive. They make you wait outside while they come down to get you. That was nerve-wracking and the place distracted from any enjoyment in the service.
-Nice girl. tries to please but service was nowhere near as good as Annie's. Totally non-GFE. I'd rate her a 6/6 but the location makes it a 2.
-The place is a dump inside. Makes the Microtel look like the Taj Mahal.
-I saw the rest of the line-up there. Other than Annie, the rest don't rate a tough of a return visit IMO.

Location: West Baltimore. Not West Inner Harbor
Photos: Accurate
GFE: Not even close
Service: CBJ, CFS. I didn't attempt more but she kind of implied that was it.
Fee: CC
Rating: 6/2. 6/6/ discounting the atmosphere.

McDonald000 90 Reviews 5433 reads
6 / 13

I sent out a couple of PM's to a few of hobbyist. You are right, the location takes away the enjoyment of the experience. Honestly, I was somewhat surprise that a person like yourself would even go to a place like this. I went there for the first time like a week or so ago.

The rooms have no curtains, and no privacy at all because you can hear the voices outside of your room. It's basically a whorehouse. PM me next time dude, and I would have given you the low down of the place. Like I mentioned in my review, the place is not all that great, and I would not repeat unless they changed their location.

They got insiders watching that place, and discretion is no where to be found. Hey, at least now you know. I could have save you some money man. PM me next time! Anyhow, at least now you know. I went to that place because I was curious myself. I won't be back though, like you said, too many hoodlums around. And you know about those guys across the street that eyeball you.

dmva 4391 reads
7 / 13

I think these girls there are tempting. I believe their price range is $200, which that is tempting itself. But, the place and the mix reviews on these babes, no thanks man. I try to see Annie at BWI one time, but the bitch stood me up. I wanted her bad because I read that she is a good f**k. I ended up going to the local hotel and grab a Miller Lite and keep calling the bitch about hundred times with no reply. I wasted my minutes on my f**k phone for her: Damn if I am going to the whorehouse to see her for a f**k for now a possible raid because it is hot. I was schooled by McDonald's reviews about that Vincent Price eery place. Thriller. Far from Halloween for a thrill.

I am staying away. If there are thugs in the area, all they have to do is break my window and ransack inside my car while I am humping some so so whore, and then, pushed the truck button and take my booty there as well; or worst, and an easier method, is to accost you and take your keys, and then, your ride. No hump day there for me. YMMV

no_email 3 Reviews 5562 reads
8 / 13

I'm not talking about the urban entreprenueurs either. We can't be the only ones talking about this place.

funship75 23 Reviews 4426 reads
9 / 13

He reviewed Nikki but at the time she was going by Mariah. For some reason she changed her name.

McDonald000 90 Reviews 4807 reads
10 / 13

bit disgusted now that I think about it. Adventure? Sure, but, definitely not what I had intended it to be. Hey, at least now I know. And, hey, at least now you know to :)

tfrenchy 8 Reviews 5901 reads
11 / 13

the adds on back page now show BWI.  can we hope

McDonald000 90 Reviews 3941 reads
12 / 13

to Tyson's Corner and Nova. However, their primary incall is at the warehouse. They realize that most men will not come there. So, they travel to other places to accommodate to the needs of others.

Zoey Zacquery See my TER Reviews 5072 reads
13 / 13

I used to be a provider with that operation.  Now I am independent and work out of BWI and I make twice as much money.  Guess this is why!

But really, you guys, it's not that bad (unless you get nervous with less than absolute privacy), especially if you go during the daytime.  It looks a lot scarier than it is.  I guess for a lot of guys that would ruin the experience, though.  So I understand.  But at least with these girls you know that it is not a scam and, in all reality, it's actually pretty safe.  I guess it's possible that something could happen to your car, but in all my time there I never heard of that happening to anyone.  & I feel like your car can get broken into pretty much anywhere if you're in the city.

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