New Mexico

How did it go, bwc?
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Going to try BP again in the morning. She seems real nice. Wish me luck. :-)

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Well this was an "interesting" day.

Yesterday I was really horny and was window shopping BP. I ran across a gal that interested me.  Cherry. She had a good review in (er edit) under the name Flossylady. I called and she was nice. She assured me that the pics and review of Flossylady were hers. Yesterday evening I received multiple pleasant texts from her. An appointment was set up for 930 this morning. OK, fine.

Today – 630 – awoke with visions of a pleasant morning and an afternoon shopping for fish – wanted clown loaches and electric yellow cichlids, and maybe a few Jack Dempseys
730 – called and text Cherry, no answer. Left for ABQ. Multiple text and a call – no answer.
930 – in McDonald's on Coors. Looking for plan B. Only a few BP gals attracted me. Tried and no answer to all of them. Called Kathrine Butler, Kymber, Riley, Purelovely, Iris, Temperance and Desiree – no answer. Victoria Vegas responded and was nice but it isn't going to be in ABQ till tomorrow.
1030 – Cherry responds – sorry, I overslept -- she directed me to an address out on Tramway
1100 – She didn't respond when I asked, repeatedly, for a room number. Finally I went back to plan B. There were several BP entries that were new since my last check. Cortney looked OK. I called. She had a sweet little girl voice that was nice. She directed me to an address near the airport.
1130 – I got there and she said her room was xxx. OK, fine. I go and there is no xxx. After xxx is a stairwell. I called her, followed her specific directions from the elevator and returned to the stairwell. She said something like – you're not in the extended stay area. What WTF is an extended stay area? I said something to the effect I'll ask for directions at the desk. She said DON'T do that! What I'm doing is ILLEGAL! WTF, girl? Did you just figure that out? She said – forget about it. Forget about seeing me. Don't come to my room. OK bye-bye sweety.
12 30 –  Back to plan B and searching BP. Mya looked ok. Called and she was very reserved/suspicious. She directed me to Pan-American/San Antonio. Instead of taking I-25 I took PanAmerican and the traffic was terrible.
1 00 – Temperance called. She was in Santa Fe and just returning my call. We talked for 5-10 minutes as I hassled with traffic. She gave me shit about not calling her in the first place and I wouldn't have got stood up. She was outside and the wind noise made it hard/impossible to understand her. I signed off as I got to Pan-American/San Antonio. It took a while to get Mya to respond. Finally got a call back, from a different number. Confusing. Temperance called again. She was bored. Had an appointment at 2 00 and had nothing else to do. I parked and talked to her for about five minutes before I went in to see Mya.
130 – Saw Mya. Fat, huge boobs and very nice. I gave a one-hour donation. Went to take it piss but the BR door was closed. Someone was taking a shower. Told it was a gal, but who knows. Guess I don't get to piss. By then my thoughts were only when I could get the hell out of there and back home to feed my fish. All interest in sex was gone. She covered me and I got a CBJ that sorta got me up. CG was OK. I thought I would finish Mish or K9 and leave. Lost it in the transition. Took off the cover, thanked her for her time and graciousness and left. Damn, what a bust.
200 – headed back home
330 – Sherry called. Got a vague lame excuse, that I wasn't  much interested in
400 – Desiree called, returning my call. We talked a while and decided we have to get together again sometime.
400 – got home my fish were ecstatic to see me (damn at least the fish like me). They flocked to the corner at the tank. Oscar has a tendency to eat his tank mates if I don't attend to him frequently, but no one was missing.

Consider. I spent 8 1/2 hours today and never popped. From where I live, it is 2 hrs to ABQ and 4 hrs to PHX. Last weekend I got got horny, called a friend and had a wonderful afternoon in PHX, in 8 hrs travel time. We have some fine providers in ABQ. Why waste time on BP girls?

To those that laud the virtues of BP girls – aren't you sweet.

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Better luck this week.

How can you tell when your fish are glad to see you?

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Spoken like a guy without pets. Lol

This Friday is my most anticipated gal that I can recall. Ever. Email to Austin Saturday. Talked Sunday. Wanted an appointment for this weekend in Austin. She found out that my reason to go to DFW just fell thru (my long time sweety abruptly changed the rules, and I don't think I'll see her any more) and she decided to come here, rent a car and come to my place. I have talked and text her daily since. She is just toooo sweet. Is it possible she is as nice as my anticipation?  Will see. Wish me luck. :-)

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I see she is posted on the regional ad board. Check her out and tell me what you think.

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Looks great but short notice, brief stay. Hope she comes back soon.

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Oh my. Body of a god, personality of an angel, performance of a denon. What more can mortal man wish for?

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I will be visiting with my girlfriend Tiffany next month. We will be delighted to take care of you fine gents!

With pleasure 💋


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OMG - what a horrible day! I can relate, but am not as persistent. I get frustrated with the lack of professional behavior and communication and 'take of it myself'.
Not much happening since the demise of SWC, so good to find this thread.
On another note - just had the WORST experience of a fairly long hobby career. Check my review of Victoria West who just visited Abq. I left of a lot of details out of info posted, but she was just insane. AND cost me bunch of $.

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