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Ginger Lynn Escort?
MICHIGAN 3 Reviews 8471 reads
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Anyone know if Ginger Lynn does any escorting on the side while dance touring?

bodymiracle 6779 reads
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Yes, Ginger can be booked through our agency. She requests not be be on our website, but if you are serious about booking herr, call us at 866.252.2299.

plmokn 41 Reviews 3865 reads
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jacksonlips 56 Reviews 4999 reads
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It was suggested to me by Amber Lynn that Ginger and I should meet, but I havn't gotten around to pursuing this....leads me to believe that Ginger's available.  Maybe to a select few.  Maybe to anyone.  Not sure.  I've heard she's 5K/hour.


fasteddie51 6692 reads
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At $5K/hr, that would automatically make her available only to a "select few"...

ritchie 5278 reads
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I don't know if I would want to fork over 5K for her. She was one of my favorites when she was young but if you look at recent photos of her she looks pretty rough. I would maybe go as high as 1K just to see but 5K I think is way too much for her now.

rm19713 10 Reviews 3181 reads
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I saw Ginger during her farewell dance tour about two years ago here in Miami. She claimed to be retiring from touring and even held a retirement party in Las Vegas if I'm not mistaken. I thought she looked great at the time and gave me the best private lap dances (in the champagne room) that I have ever had in my life. Each one was worth every penny. Consider they were $100.00 each and I had five of them without hesitation. So yes, I agree, $1,000.00 is as high as  would go and perhaps she is looking a bit more like a 42 year old.  But I would see her again and again if possible.

fasteddie51 5507 reads
8 / 8

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