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bwconley 8 Reviews 6402 reads
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I saw a thread on the Atlanta board and I thought I would introduce it here.

What do the guys and gals think of a bush?

Personally, I think of the little girls that I have changed diapers, bathed, changed clothes etc. etc. during my life. A nude bush, for me, must be gotten over -- is asexual. For me, only a pervert is attracted to a prepubertal pussy (hey no slam to anyone, just my conditioned response).

What do others think?

sweetman 93 Reviews 6228 reads
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Hey, BW, nice topic.  I love the naked look.  Why wear an overcoat when you want to fuck?  It just deadens the lovely sensation of skin to skin, or maybe mouth to skin.  It looks so cute and sexy too.  Nowadays most girls shave completely, so it is less of a novelty than it was.  Maybe I would discover that a natural bush turned me on, since I haven't seen one in a very long time.

mr.trouble 6202 reads
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I don't mind a little hair, but the untamed bush is a turnoff. NFW will I see a provider with a full bush if I know about beforehand. The hairs absorb cum and soliva, and I won't go near them.

hiddenhills 137 Reviews 6269 reads
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I just don't like a lot of carpet, usually just a landing strip.

bwconley 8 Reviews 7954 reads
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Interesting.  About half the Atlanta posts wanted a bush. Not a forest, but a groomed lawn. Is it a desert thing? Still, interesting.

mr.trouble 8598 reads
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It's the thought of shag carpet that turns me off.

MP67 11 Reviews 4788 reads
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A little landing strip is fine. But a big ol' bush I can do without.

azvictoria See my TER Reviews 6005 reads
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hummm I always hasd  you pictured as a bushwacker kinda guy ! No worries here I have a nice landing strip with just enough cushion  for your pushion.......

azvictoria See my TER Reviews 5882 reads
9 / 10

A very hot mature provider had her's shaved and I aske her why would you do that ...she said it turned gray so in that case I understand ,but I agree a little hair  can be sexy if trimmed  many young provider shave  and I beleive its from  what they now see from watching porn stars and copying their lead.

MP67 11 Reviews 5265 reads
10 / 10
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