Caia's Profile TER ID: 143607
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There is no review of her for over a year now, both her websites are down, which usually means one thing. She has taken off, which means, she hasn't been providing, and there is no reviews of her for over a year now.

numero1234 7 Reviews 5295 reads
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o ok, appreciate the info, has anybody have experience wit her ? i got in contact with her , she posted back page..

McDonald000 90 Reviews 5412 reads
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I tried searching her under the Maryland BP ads, but couldn't find her. If you can provide a link to her ad, maybe I can assist you more.

McDonald000 90 Reviews 4932 reads
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Seems too much work and confusion for my taste. I would move on. Don't pick the one's that seem to require much effort, doubt, and credibility. Those are the ones to avoid. There are plenty of ladies out there that will meet your needs without all of the frustrations.

If you are indeed interested in these types, and she has given you sufficient evidence, then be my guest if these are the ones that interest you. I however would not even attempt, there is too many out there to chose from. Good luck!

numero1234 7 Reviews 6871 reads
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she just gave me caia name , but no ter ID. i defenetly appreciate the advise, have a point.

Beg2differ 6567 reads
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You have no idea if that is her or not.

So many posts link to TER IDs that are years old.  Why?  No one to refute them....

Could be LE picking up a ploy - who knows.....

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