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What happened to Blaire Fierre? :(
ALZIRAOHH 11 Reviews 2168 reads
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turk007 14 Reviews 954 reads
3 / 25

I noticed that too. Gone. What gives?

Woneye 753 reads
4 / 25

she canceled on me TWICE and both times were >24 hours

DarkGonzo 28 Reviews 671 reads
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I've tried to reach her recently and so far haven't gotten any reply.  I also noticed today that while she does have an ad listed on a site I don't have to name, when you follow the link, her personal site is locked with a password.  Not sure what all that means.

turk007 14 Reviews 699 reads
6 / 25

I saw her recently, then had another appt schedule for next week. When I arrived got no response....and haven't heard back since either. Le problems maybe???

Edge 23 Reviews 597 reads
7 / 25

man I hope she isn't gone. She owns me a make up appointment because she had flaked on our appointment, was hoping cash that in this week. I had emailed her a few times but no reply on my end.

Giovanni007 88 Reviews 902 reads
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Denny_Crane 986 reads
9 / 25

through her email or contact page on her website. Her TER profile should be back up very soon! Just so you know her ad website and personal website are still both working.  Damn that video on city-source is HOT too!



DarkGonzo 28 Reviews 722 reads
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LMAO...  Yep, her site IS running.  And what's also odd, the sponsor ad link from 'the site which must not be named" has also vanished.   Guess It all must've be a dream!   Maybe it was too much wine and Turkey yesterday.   Like Ebenezer Scrooge said about the senses... “a little thing affects them. A slight disorder of the stomach makes them cheats. You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of an underdone potato."  

That or I just happened to log on a just the wrong/right time.

CENZO1 133 Reviews 684 reads
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......she got an offer from someone who was willing to pay her original rate of $800. From all the feedback I'm seeing, it seems to be a hit or miss thing with her. I've made it a personal policy to stay away from the flaky ones, no matter how great they look.

mufftime 181 Reviews 593 reads
12 / 25

Just spoke to her this morning and it looks like she won't be
around much longer if at all. She said she may be doing something
else. Not sure what that means.  She must know her true value
and will probably be around at a higher rate.
It was good while it lasted and some of us were very fortunate
to have experienced Blaire, especially at that unbelievable rate.

Posted By: Giovanni007
Her website is working and her ad is still on City Source:


mufftime 181 Reviews 614 reads
13 / 25

Actually it wasn't really flaky. I contacted her and got a prompt
response and made a date for that week. She was there and  on time
and there was never a hint of a problem. That was my experience.

ShillBill 244 reads
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UCLA2K4 35 Reviews 593 reads
15 / 25

Indeed good while it lasted. She created quite a stir briefly on this board. Deserves all the best going forward.

Engagement 988 reads
16 / 25

Her reviews were removed, which means she was de-listed/banned for whatever reason (we may not discuss this reason or the possible reasons).

She didn't request to be de-listed since she says in her auto-response "unless my reviews become reinstated," so it must fall under the misconduct section of the link.

Would be nice if she came back, but I'm just going by the facts and the site's policy.

Posted By: hyyvshw
She is so different and it was surprised it's not about the money issue. I offered her overnight appointment and multiple hours appointment but all got declined by her, because of her 1 hour in call policy, so I dont think it's about money. for the first time I had a hard time to book someone. Blaire and I soppose to meet last week but she was too busy and then missed the appointment. we schedule a make up appointment in Jan but now, TER profile is gone, website is locked, emai automatic respose:"For those who have scheduled appointments after Dec 29th and are sending emails concerned about their appointment:

Unless my reviews become reinstated, our date is cancelled. I apologize for not responding to all ter pm's. My pm's are blocked. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

mufftime 181 Reviews 375 reads
17 / 25

I saw her and everything in all the reviews are true.
No misconduct is in any review.
Never saw anything like this before.

Engagement 967 reads
18 / 25

She had another TER ID with reviews from the summer and the old and new one are now combined.
It says Blaire Fierre / Audrina Svelte on her TER now.

I suppose that's why she was temporarily gone, since it's against the rules to simply make a new TER handle and have new reviews under it, since you can't simply have a fresh start when you want one.

mibfig 708 reads
19 / 25

TER review says $650; web site still says $250.  

Will be innteresting to see how it sorts out.

cryngintherain224 102 Reviews 867 reads
20 / 25

Yes she is coming back but only to those who appreciate and tip her generously!!  She had an issue with TER for having two handles.   She is the best and a real sweetheart.

ALZIRAOHH 11 Reviews 868 reads
21 / 25

Is she still honoring the dates booked prior to all this fiasco?

UCLA2K4 35 Reviews 517 reads
22 / 25

Some new photos and promise of a new video Jan 10th.

mufftime 181 Reviews 655 reads
23 / 25
clitdoc 114 Reviews 560 reads
24 / 25

saw her last night

rollcall312 447 reads
25 / 25

Curious if she's coming back this time or if she's gone for good. website's down. Anyone know?

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