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Re: Discreetly Lauren is 13,
2WheeledNihilist 607 reads
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She just got a new review.

mr.ed 14 Reviews 382 reads
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If you do not know NOSC, then that is a pretty crummy thing to say.

She has been an incredibly well loved woman here for a long time.

And I am proud to say that I know for a fact how kind and gorgeous she is.

She does not lie about her age, or try to misrepresent herself.

She is the real deal and proud of it.

People have legit opinions about the looks of someone more mature doing this work and opinions vary about it.

But someone who is consistently earning a 9 or 10 in performance receives those marks for a reason!

And someone who is a bit older and is receiving 7-10 in appearance is receiving those numbers for a reason. I can tell you this: she is gorgeous for a woman her age, of that there is no doubt. If a man wants to see a woman who is mature and hot and knows what she is doing, then this is an awesome choice.

If you want to see a gorgeous young girl, then you pick someone else. End of story. Why make an issue of it and call it grade inflation? That is rude and pointless.

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stealthreviewer 334 reads
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It is not just her profile, but many others. It would seem that we old timers on TER remember the days when a provider was ecstatic after receiving an 8/8 review. Now that doesn't seem to cut the muster.

LE-phobia 312 reads
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At the age of 10, she said, "When I grow up, I'll become a call girl." She did, and wrote 3 famous books on call girls. I saw her last yr on TV, georgeous at 46, now fighting to legalize the hobby. Any day I'd love to lay her.

Groovy2 13 Reviews 388 reads
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Tiffany Champagne is 316

Groovy2 13 Reviews 409 reads
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You can still get her reviews but I guess she doesn't have a current add. Rumors are that she is active UTR.

Groovy2 13 Reviews 449 reads
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and still has an add on CV and recent reviews. Used to db the WOW one's partner.

zorbaelgreeko 300 reads
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ahh Wow Nikki! Now that was a fun girl. Havent seen her in years but always enjoyed her company and time spent with her.

zorbaelgreeko 283 reads
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look back at some ladies first several pages of reviews are so so, and then suddenly every page after that is all 9's and 10's. How does that happen? It seems like it happens all at once. I was checking out Tiffany Champagnes reviews dating way back and they are really different from the way they are now. VERY different in fact...kinda makes you wonder. And some of those not so good reviews are from well known reviewers.

mufftime 193 Reviews 298 reads
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Groovy2 13 Reviews 339 reads
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You may not remember, but she was the biggest success to come out of TER. Those early reviews don't sound that promising but latter she was getting 25k for a weekend date and in her private add she was asking one million for a year.  Read some of Christys reviews and you see that her name was changing to Morgan Ashley.

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ronf 20 Reviews 272 reads
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2WheeledNihilist 273 reads
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by admin after their posting. They weren't even "bad" reviews. They simply didn't meet the muster of effusive praise backed by 9 or above scores.

2WheeledNihilist 264 reads
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by providers.

That sirs; will be the death knell for TER's credibility, and relevance.

2WheeledNihilist 276 reads
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on a local, competing discussion/advertising board.

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2WheeledNihilist 248 reads
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Several 'perennial' favorites seemed too have a marked rise in their scores around 2002, and then ferociously, and surreptitiously guarded and maintained their new 9.3 - 9.8 grade point averages. The soon too be annual “Report” only vindicated and added to the grade point corruption and its machinations.

lutzlong 39 Reviews 268 reads
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Agree, had lots of wonderful memories of our times together.  I spent 2 of the happy hours in my life with Nikki and FF, still recovering from it 12 years later.

budwig 1 Reviews 468 reads
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wow!!!my one and only double several yrs ago was with Lauren and Niki......i still think of that afternoon

Posted By: Groovy2
and still has an add on CV and recent reviews. Used to db the WOW one's partner.

BigPapasan 3 Reviews 296 reads
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...There really must've been slim pickings back then if guys kept going back to her.

2WheeledNihilist 230 reads
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I applaud her business sense.
I've known other very popular/successful providers who prior to their TER association (UTR) offered a far less liberal "services" menu. Once on TER, and seeing the market trends/demands they too liberalized their service to gain a better "marketplace" share.

Groovy2 13 Reviews 283 reads
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I saw Nikki and FF together too. Also had a double with Nikki and Lauren. I was their first customer in that place in Pomona's downtown.

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