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Found this thread that says Liorr aka REDSOXKINGS hates Duke
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Just to remind everyone that this was well after liorr posted yet another idiotic hallucination of his.

It must be a difficult time being you liorr. Jets suck, Yankees suck, Knicks suck so you jump ship and then the Giants catch fire, Red Sox bomb, Celtics suck and for their sake I hope the Patriots make a sacrificial offering to the gods tomorrow or they might lose too.

Also thanks for letting everyone know you went to Duke, now we all know where NOT to send our kids.

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knows Marmaduke, if that counts for anything.

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No, there won't be a championship for my beloved Devils this year or until   IMHO,, the Plumlees are gone and another one just got there, though he rides the pines----Miles and Mason are offensively challenged--Miles has mastered the moving pick Mason shoots freebies like he was taught by Shaq.........There are some bluechippers but the sad presence in the paint and down low will spell doom for the Devils.......I thought I had suffered enough with Greg Paulus-smile-but now the Plumlees have come to Duke to continue infusing the super talents with mediocrity in the middle and you ain't going anywhere in the tournament with such a lineup-We all have our crosses to
Have a great weekend, All-some good football tomorrow     1rob....Didn't the 'Cuse go down today?.....OUT  8-)

The greatest college basketball team ever.

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I like Duke and coach K but that was awesome !

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